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Midnight rambler …

It’s 1:15 and I can’t sleep. It’s odd that sometimes I can drink coffee until late in the evening, and then other times, one cup after supper will keep me awake.

It’s fine… I will ramble to you for a little while and then try again.

I had some work of the best kind over the weekend. Sometimes I don’t want to stand on ceremony (decline to groom) on Saturday or Sunday, for fear of losing customers. Most of the time, if I take customers it’s just because I WANT to work.

This big boy came today for his annual shear-down. This is a big job, but straight-forward, and Jake is a gentle and cooperative client.


Sam the Siamese crept up beside ol’ Jake, and the friendly dog didn’t mind at all. I didn’t get a photo of Jake’s finished “do”, but his face looked like a teddy bear, and the rest of him, a lion.

Yesterday, I fixed up the dog “S’More” on her yearly visit. She is also sweet and gentle, but anxious at first. She growled at Smokey for walked by her on the grooming table, but later tolerated the cat’s presence right beside her. Oh! That “put upon” look S’More gave me!



Jack the Jack Russell and Clark, his side-kick, came just for the day on Saturday. They are shy, and not accustomed to being at the Pet Hostel, but they seemed to “embrace” me as their surrogate caregiver. They ate their treats with enthusiasm, indicating to me that they weren’t unduly stressed.




One of my favourite regulars is Timber,  a Leonberger cross. She is shy but very gentle, pictured here before and after getting her nails trimmed. I sat on the blanket with her and fed her treats to make the job seem less onerous … to her. It’s never much trouble to me.



Here, for good measure, is our favourite little human, Juno. Our grand daughter is almost three years old, shown here wearing one of her mom’s clothing creations.



Another beloved guest and client for grooming is Skye. She was adopted from an SPCA, lucky dog that she is. We think she’s a bearded collie or a mix resembling one. She’s elegant and kind.

I think I’m getting behind in my ramblings and reports. I asked some customers a couple of weeks ago if I could picture their “kids” in my Blog, and I meant their lovely dogs, but I startled my friends, as they have human children as well. And then I didn’t get the job done. I will have to go back and read my own posts and “fix” photos, and catch up.

It’ll have to be another night. I simply must try to sleep now.

Hope you are all okay.

Love, Ann

One thought on “Midnight rambler …

  1. I call people’s pets “kids” all the time! They are so much apart of our families and hearts. I genuinely don’t understand people without them.
    I’m glad you have something to do that brings you, and the “fur parents” much joy!

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