Life and Pets

Two of our girls, the granddogs, Carly …

Two of our daughters are vacationing briefly in Texas:

Thank you for taking a photo, Kim! As I mentioned in the last blog post, Shelly and Kim are going to swing by Los Angeles to visit with Susan.

This week, both Shelly and Kim have their birthdays, a day apart! It is difficult to get my head around how much time has past, as I remember the days of their births as if both were yesterday. Susan’s also.

I haven’t done everything right, but the net results are stellar. Gary’s daughter, Beth, is also an amazing and accomplished woman, who we also don’t see often enough.

Shelly’s little dogs are here while she’s away. Adrien is home, but has a full time teaching gig, so this presumably makes his life simpler. After all, we are set up for this kind of babysitting!

This is Carly. For some time, the dog suffered some puzzling medical symptoms … loss of hair, leathery skin, and more. Her owner persisted with vet visits and being diligent about medication, and brought Carly back from “the brink”! She’s a different dog now.

Judy, if you’re reading this in Heaven (I know it’s a long shot!) I’m sure you’re proud of B. and pleased with Carly’s new lease on life. And I think of YOU daily.

Must run now. I have a few things to do before Cinder has a vet checkup.

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