Life and Pets

Maggie, Monte, Charlie, Beau, Tony, Chickens …

This morning, a “big” fluffy farm dog became this petite beauty, after shearing short, thorough shampoo and blow dry, trim, and lavender facial. “Ready for my closeup …” :

I’m sitting with my feet up at the moment, as I’ve cared for all the pets, have done a little gardening, and groomed Maggie, made and served a simple lunch, and now I feel “seized up”.

How exciting to hear from Shelly and Kim today! They are visiting Luckenbach, Texas, as part of a trip to Austin. I will let you look up the town and the old song yourself, if you like. This is the week of both their birthdays, and en route to home in a few days, they will swing by Los Angeles to visit sister Susan. They are amazing and competent jet-setters, all of our daughters.

I babysat these golden boys last week, and it seemed like we really got to know each other. Monte and Charlie were quiet and respectful. They ate well and slept soundly. They were groomed as well, and were so clean and shiny, they were even more huggable!

Charlie dozed off during his spa session.

Dear old Beau visited. His owner keeps him short and comfortable. He is accustomed to this process, but Smokey cozied up to him anyway.

At times, I’ve been occupied with moving plants away from the proposed hot tub landing pad. I have quite a few individual plants, bulbs, or clumps potted up. Some of these will be a contribution to a library fundraiser, and others will find a new home in our yard or Shelly’s and Adrien’s.

ol’ Tony

We have five hens and John, the rooster. Evidently, one chicken had already crossed the road.

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