Life and Pets

Beautiful Tuesday …

We woke up to this:

Gary moved the car to make way for a delivery of gravel, and then, because we just yesterday had the summer tires put on, it was stuck on the slimy grass and clay!

As time passed, the snow all disappeared and the sun came out, though it has not been warm.

I groomed this beauty today. Onus is a friendly, quiet senior cocker spaniel that I always look forward to seeing. Also, I love visiting with the dog’s owner, and our friend Cathy who accompanied the two.


I have the privilege of babysitting this very young pup, Rosie. She is a mixed breed and will likely be a fairly big dog. She is so docile and loving, and has adapted to her temporary digs.

In my spare time, I’ve been sorting out, dissembling, a perennial garden. We are going to place Gary’s birthday present there … a hot tub. I want to save the herbs, lilies and many other plants that grew in that spot, plus some of the beautiful black loam that had been cultured over 25 years.

On the other hand, the whole garden had been planted atop sheets of roofing tin, and I learned a long time ago that the tin doesn’t stop quack grass from thriving. It was time to dig out that spot anyway; poor Gary did all of the bull work.

Sam, below, supervises all of us.

On the menu tonight: Baked curry honey garlic pork chops with pan roasted mashed potatoes. Sound fancy? It’s really not, as I like simple meals or at least I stick to what I’m well practiced at. It also seems such a gift to consume what we’ve grown ourselves. The meat came from the grocery store, but garlic, potatoes and many other vegetables are home grown, and even the honey was produced by a friend.

Oh, and dessert is apple crisp from our Honey Crisp Apples. Such bounty.

Hope you’re doing okay. If you’re not, I hope there’s hope. If there isn’t, I send love and encouragement because sometimes, that’s all we can give. Call me if I can help.

~ Ann

One thought on “Beautiful Tuesday …

  1. Dear Ann . . . I just finished reading your last six blog postings! It seems I never get around to reading them and then once I start I can’t stop. The love you have for your furry friends shines through every word you write about them, what a wonderful career you chose those 30-some years ago. The pictures, of course, are the best part!

    All is well here . . . we’re seeing signs of spring. In southern California one has to look carefully for signs of change in the season as they are subtle. When I first moved here from Chicago in 1964 it seemed to me there was no difference at all between seasons, but eventually I saw the trees with budding leaves, felt the warmth of summer, felt the crunchiness of dried up leaves under foot, and noted that some trees actually were bare once again.

    Love your blogs, please keep on sharing your life with your readers.

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