Life and Pets

Gus, Luna, Zero, Lily, Cinnabar …

Gus is a big sweetie. His owner didn’t know until she saw this photo that her puppy would be okay with a cat. As you can see, Smokey and Gus are “good together” for sure.

Yesterday, I clipped the nails on this pug, Luna. Her loving owner says the name is short for “Lunatic”. Sure enough, when I try to carry this compact, sturdy pet, I have to concentrate on not dropping her. She is so excited that she flails and writhes, it’s almost like carrying a powerful, wriggling labrador. Luna is manageable for toenail clipping time though! Smokey is not sure about the snorty nuzzles.

This beautiful border collie, named “Zero” is here for a short stay. She seems perfectly composed and eats well. Zero seems entertained by the other doggy guests around her, and by me working within view during the days.


This wee darling came for her spring trim. There is nothing difficult about giving Lily her spa morning.


Likewise gentle and affectionate, “Cinnabar” is a joy to groom.




My heart certainly is full. The pets almost never disappoint me, and I understand most of them. Sometimes humans disappointment me, and usually I do not understand it.

Today Carl from Monashee Communications visited us. He upgraded our internet receiver (antenna), modem and some connections. While he was here, Gary did some “cyber-logging”, a friend’s term for taking out a few trees that may be in the line-of-sight to the internet transmission tower. I think that’s what they call it; I am trying to sound intelligent.

Thank goodness Gary was home, as it has been decades since I used a chain saw, and even then, I never once felled a tree. Gary took out a few poplars but did not need to destroy any stately old spruce or other trees.

It’s a beautiful thing: our internet is operating better than it has in months.

This week I decided to list the “new” little house in town with VRBO. The corporation, “Vacation Rentals By Owner” is a lot like “Air B&B”, but lately I see more advertising on satellite television, making me think that it’s up-and-coming. I don’t know. Life might get a tad more complicated, but it will be better than having that sweet home vacant, considering I’m not willing to rent it out longer term.


Hope you are all very well. I love you.

~ Ann

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