Life and Pets

Hello Sunday …

I have done very little but relax today, after care of the beloved guests of course.










Baxter Frederick


In keeping with the leisurely schedule, I have a new batch of nuts and bolts in the oven, and it smells heavenly.

I went to town earlier to deliver something I sold through the local Facebook Buy & Sell, and pick up something I had purchased. I had my heart set on a “good” grocery shopping trip, but found bare shelves where sale items should be, new sale items not marked, and so on. The dairy cooler felt WARM, so I didn’t stock up on what we normally use from there. The owners of our one grocery store are very busy and trying to keep up.

It hasn’t been a high-traffic kind of day for the Pet Hostel, and it feels fine to have a bit of a lull from the Spring Break and Easter rush. I treasure the pets so very much, but get fatigued with the rounds of feeding and watering, reassuring and treat distribution, and of course the clean-up. Gary helps a lot with the inglorious work of clean-up. Of course, he talks to and plays with guests as well.

I’m even keeping supper simple … tacos tonight.

I rarely comment on news and current events, but many in Canada are shocked and in mourning since a horrific vehicle accident the other day. A bus carrying young hockey players was hit by a transport truck in Saskatchewan: of 29 young people and adult coaches and bus driver, fifteen are dead and all others injured as well. It is hard to think of anything else right now.



Love, Ann


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