Life and Pets

Weekend again so soon …

Crazy how fast the days and weeks fly by.

It snowed again today. I refuse to post more pictures of April SNOW showers. I want to be digging and planting soon, and our main garden is still under snow, and most of the perennial beds are still partially frozen. It would be pretty icy to work in any of the gardens right now.

However, life goes on, and the ground is slowly thawing (slower is better: less mud). And I got a great spring surprise this morning! Finally, one egg from the five hens who hadn’t laid an egg for months, unless they laid eggs and then ate them. These are hens who got heated water, timed lights, layer ration and chicken “scratch” in an insulated chicken palace. I guess they don’t feel they have to earn their keep. Could they have been reading my mind? I was wondering the other day if I was capable of dispatching them to the hen house in heaven and getting new pullets, if I didn’t find an egg soon.


This week we had a new doggy guest, Twig. She resembles an Australian Shepherd, but we’ll never know, as she was rescued from a Reservation in northern Alberta, then adopted through the SPCA. She is a happy and well-balanced pet, and her owners have already provided the best of care.

Twig Wigmore

A kiss for the groomer

Twig Wigmore

Twig, feeling fluffily ladylike.

I also groomed Buddy today, and he is a favourite. Although he acts as if he’s scared of his own shadow and everything else, he is as composed and sweet as ever a dog can be for both his “spa” morning and while waiting for his owner to return. He appears a bit nervous or offended that Smokey joined him … he was almost napping up to that point.


Yesterday was an epic grooming day when I bathed and brushed the beautiful Timber. She was gentle and calm, and not even bothered by the high velocity dryer or the small blow dryer. The big sweetheart was also not bothered by the bath, nail clipping, or the hours of combing and brushing … or the visit from Smokey.



Wee Joey waited patiently in a large run, in proximity to new doggy friends, for his turn. Joey is also very good to groom and I always look forward to his visits.


I think the most dangerous thing about dog boarding and grooming is that I fall in love with most of my charges! Seriously, this is not a bad thing, until they start getting old and infirm, and as I’ve been in business almost 34 years, you can imagine I’ve befriended hundreds of pets from babyhood to old age. Sometimes, it’s heartrending.



Early in the week, I gave this gorgeous standard poodle a spring tune-up. Her colour is called “phantom”. Mabel is a fine and humble pet who did not mind the grooming process though I’m sure at times the shearing and combing felt uncomfortable. Afterward, Mabel acted “liberated”.

Mabel Keim



Tizzy’s family wanted her “as short as possible”. She was also a good and gentle girl for this long job. She was a little scared for the bathing process, but otherwise very calm and trusting.


Tizzy Box

Tizzie’s lovely face

Maggie Howe

Darling Maggie!

Sophie Jackman

Sophie and a favourite cat …



Tank is a sweet and feisty terrier who is getting better and better for all aspects of grooming, especially nail clipping. He used to object with teeth, but now I can get almost through the job before the little guy catches on. There are no hard feelings between us.


Some of the tools of my trade.

Okay, folks … I have probably missed some great anecdote or portrait of an important client, but it’s late again and the computer is struggling with this blog mechanism. I don’t know what the conflict is, but it’s frustrating.

Love, Ann


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