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Start today and work back …

I feel guilty when I don’t talk to you often enough. At the same time as I’m curious about your days and how you’re doing, I realize that some of you check for my blog updates. Feeling that I “disappoint” anyone is uncomfortable.

I’m sitting in the recliner just chatting (typing) in comfort, with coffee, having consumed a bit more breakfast than I really needed … Farm fresh eggs with cheddar and ham and Jessica’s delicious artisan bread. I usually try to skip toast in the mornings, but my friend’s baking is too hard to resist.

We woke to this view today. We heard that more snowfall was coming, , but I’m still sorry to see it. I worry about my “peeps” who are out in the road or preparing to travel. This includes family, friends and customers.

I guess you know that you can see a bigger view of most photos just by clicking on the small one?

I tried to get a picture of this, but it didn’t really work as planned. Gary donned his coat, boots and hat just to walk over to the kennel building to let Smokey in the door. My husband is quite intuitive that way … the cats go in and out of the shop many times per day, and Gary often notices if they are waiting for our services (door opening).


Today my grooming appointment was cancelled.Yesterday was an easier work day than several before. I groomed Zippy:


I clipped and bathed Snoopi, who was comforted by Smokey. This little dog is afflicted by a mysterious set of symptoms, leading his owner to believe he has something called “SARDS”. When I also consulted “Dr. Google”, it seemed that she might have a case (a correct lay diagnosis). Snoopi’s owner will keep him from suffering, come what may.

Snoopi nuzzles Smokey

Wednesday, I had four small dogs from the same household. They are all gentle and loving, quiet to groom and happy afterward.

Above: two photos of Brutus on my lap, plus Sophie, Sarah, and Roxie.

Tuesday I also had four dogs from the one family, plus another. It was hard work, but I had a day of few interruptions and I managed well anyway.


Pictured above: Diesel, Cash, Hank, with Lacy beside Hank almost out of view. Oops.

I groomed little Scout as well that day:


It has been super busy at the Pet Hostel because of school Spring Break extending into Easter weekend. I have had to turn down quite a few dogs. I don’t charge more for indoor-outdoor kennels, and they are preferred by most pet owners. If I had had a million dollars when I built the new facility, I would have, obviously, had more kennels, plus a quiet room for cats, and various other amenities. Even so, I am grateful every day for what I have here, and the company of so many interesting, varied, and usually loving animal friends.

I will have to go back to my appointment book to see what else I should share. I have at least one photo in the “iPhoto” album on the computer, from not long ago, that makes me wonder, “Who is THAT?”. Then I chastise myself, “Oh, of COURSE that’s so-and-so…”.

Picture above is Gizmo, with Smokey. The little dog is not acting aggressively to the cat, so I’m not sure why either of them have a funny look …

Here is what is left of my daybook after I left Max loose in the building. I know from experience that the parrot chews pens, but did he ever do a number on the book! The date was chewed off each page for weeks ahead, so I went back and labelled those. This just made me laugh… I should have known. Max sits atop his vacation cage, chattering away and surveying the kennel building, until my back is turned.


First time I had Max on my hand: he didn’t bite!

Gary was working near the building last week and heard my voice, “C’mere, c’mere, SIT, gooooood boy …”, but it was not me. It was Max talking in my voice.

I babysat these sensitive souls over the weekend, and they coped very well. The male dog, Max, seemed stressed at first, but soon settled in. The girl, Luna, acted a lot more matter-of-fact. The beautiful brindle dogs had not ever been boarded in a kennel, so I “sucked up” to them a bit extra.

These gorgeous “sisters” (not related but from same home) stayed with us for much of March. Storm and Luna have been here lots of times, so they are fine with everything we do and everything we are.

And yes, I know I’m repeating photos and comments … some dogs are entitled to extra press!

Little Gus is here for a couple of weeks, and he had his spa day as well. It hurts my heart to see my “charges” get old or infirm over time, and Gus is having heart issues for which he gets medication. His little old knees are so shaky as well. He is not robust, but he is still pleasant and seems totally fine with each stay with us.

Gus Mickelson

Even though I am trying to proof-read and edit on my iPad now, our internet service is intermittent. I must save my sanity by coming back to this later. Or maybe I’ll just start a whole new post … how ’bout that?

Love, Ann

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