Life and Pets

More of the Spring Break Gang …

This post might include pets from before and after the school Spring Break and Easter. I don’t like to divulge too much information, such as the last names of guests, or when their families are away from home.

I was having so much trouble with our internet connection and/or our aging computer that I gave up, earlier today. I was in a state of confusion as to who I had featured in photos, or who I’d told an anecdote about.

Here are a few I missed. At least I think I missed them. Or enjoy them twice.

Shadow is a senior girl who is gentle, respectful and obedient. I love having her visit. It was amusing to me to notice Sam, in his own way, watching over her, as if to remind her that this is a good, friendly and safe place. Shadow has been here often enough that she knows it.


Opal hasn’t been here for awhile, but seems composed, and she has been eating well. Buster, in the background, is most definitely “okay” with staying here.

Opal Crowley, Buster Brown HollandBuster

Lacy and Shadow have only had occasion to visit rarely, but Lacy was due for grooming and feels like a million now that it’s done.


My favourite “schnoodle” that I’ve ever known is this Shadow. He is meek but happy, alert and intuitive. He was just here for a morning to spruce up his “big boy” haircut. Shadow looks awesome dressed as a purebred schnauzer.


Meccho, below, is getting to be an old fella and has put on some weight. I worry about his heart, but he doesn’t seem to stress too much over being groomed.


We have a brand new client belonging to long-time friends. This is Chewy (Chewbacca), a yorkie cross:


Chewy was perfect for her nail trim here.

Gizmo is a familiar guest. He is the best little boy, quiet and happy, but almost impossible to groom properly. I’ve never seen anything like it, and his family and I laugh over Gizzy’s ability to defeat our attempts to clip his nails. If I take my time, I can scissor his coat shorter when asked, but he loses his cool over other grooming maneuvers. Then he goes back to being the placid guy we know and love.


I started to tell you about Cara when our Internet connection quit. I was asked to groom this beautiful Wheaten Terrier while she boarded. I’m not shaming anyone when I suggest that we “liberated” the dog from her matts. Cara acted like she felt “like a million”, and her owners were happy enough. I proffered that, if I had a Wheaten, I would always keep the dog short anyway. I will leave more length on the dog when I can.

Festus stayed here last week. His owners have received a dire diagnosis for this beloved family dog, but they are keeping him comfortable. The big sweetie has a great appetite and gets medication for various issues.


Festus is not the least bit afraid of me, or of anything, except the camera.

Of the dogs I groomed this week, I’d say that Levi enjoys his spa treatment the most:

I showed you a photo last week of the two tiny kitties I babysat this month. Here are two better pics:

Loki looks wide-eyed and curious, but Thor has not a care in the world.

Now I’ve tired myself with all of this sharing, caring, photo handling, etc..

Hope you are all well, as we are, except that our human friends seem to be dying at an alarming rate. I almost think I need counselling, trying to make sense of it all, feeling old myself and always looking back with nostalgia and melancholia.

I believe, if I accept what Uncle John said, “Ann, it never really goes away …”,  I will do better and feel better. When I thought about it later, I was not sure if he was referring to (his own) sorrow over my mom (his sister), his own mother, his wife, or his many siblings other than Mom. Perhaps all, all of them, all of it.

So Debbie, my darling friend, we’ll talk again soon about our nostalgia, and laugh about some shared childhood memories. Myrtle used to remind me that there’s only one way to escape getting older, and we don’t want that, or we want to put that off as long as we can.





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