Life and Pets

Spring is in the air!

What a relief that the atmosphere now has the smell of Spring. Yes, we’ll have rain and mud to complain about, but it feels like the long winter is coming to an end.

Gary and I are convalescing, but we seem to have “beaten” the flu and bronchitis into submission. It takes awhile to get over the fatigue and shortness of breath.

Today I didn’t book any grooming, as I’m preparing for a welcome onslaught of spring (school) break and Easter boarding. I have started to turn away business for this period of time: the indoor kennels will be fully occupied.

Occasionally, pet owners have their own emergency. We do our best to “squeeze in” the occasional animal … we have new customers who unexpectedly had to find accommodation for their two large dogs, and the family was so gracious and grateful. The alternative, they said, was to fly a parent from Manitoba to stay at the house in McBride.


I started this post four days ago. I’ve been just busy catching up, and resting. Catch up a little, rest awhile, repeat.

I’ve left quite a lot of work for myself for tomorrow, as I rested more than I worked today. At home, we were without Internet or Cell service for many hours last night and all of today. Late this morning, I took my iPhone and iPad into McBride to update messages and emails.

At the grocery store, I met up with Mary, who I hadn’t seen or hugged for many weeks. She had been ill at the same time as Gary and I were suffering, and we compared notes. All in all, we are grateful to be through it and feeling well again, though weary. This is the second bout of flu/respiratory distress that Mary has suffered.

There is a really decent bunch boarding at the Pet Hostel this week. Nobody barks to excess or tries to break out, and they all seem enamoured with me. That makes me so happy.

Storm and Luna are always pleasant. I’m glad to be their chief babysitter, but they have discovered that the ground/gravel is indeed thawed enough to dig in.


That stepping stone with the rhubarb leaf print is almost too heavy for me to lift on a normal day. The stone beside it is bigger ‘n my head. Tomorrow I will take the shovel and restore some order to this corner of the large dog run. I will be pouring some more punks of concrete into kennel corners soon.

Storm and Luna never tire of frolicking in the large exercise yard: they are like human sisters (the kind who get along all the time and hate to be separated).


This beauty, Dusty, never tired of playing ball. When I clipped her nails and brushed her, I encouraged her to hold her ball in her mouth, and she seemed less anxious as a result.


Had a few dogs to groom through the week, and I paced myself, afraid of “relapsing” with symptoms of the flu.

This is beautiful “Kona”, a petite Newfoundland dog. Smokey loves Kona.

Above are Ryza and Hanni. They do not really “know” cats and they don’t have one in their household, but both tolerate the visits of Sam and Smokey. By the time both cats move in to snuggle with the dog clients, I have little room to groom.

You’ve met Sadie and Nellie before. I “squeezed” them in on Friday after grooming the Newfoundland Kona.

Zippy arrived a couple of days ago for a short stay. He is nervous about getting his nails trimmed, but has gotten “better” with age and never tries to bite. He doesn’t mind the attention of Smokey, but he won’t make eye contact with her.


Sorry about the photo quality. I took the photo from a distance because I was happy that the kittens appeared composed and didn’t want to disturb their rest. I’m most impressed with these two little guys, so well-adjusted … they haven’t been around dogs and there are so many nearby at this place. I’m also thrilled that the owners of the cats trust me enough to keep them safe during this busy time. I wish I had a separate quiet room for cats.


This is handsome “T.J.”. He is now the senior boy of two in the family, and I don’t know why I neglected to get a photo of Jasper, his younger sidekick. Maybe next time.


It’s difficult to photograph Cinder, as he’s so black. This is Cinder keeping me company as I lie on the couch … he is right on my shoulder and will lie across my face if I allow it.

I feel like I shared this great photo of Shelly with Cinder, but I think I only had them on Facebook. I don’t care … this pic is worth seeing twice. I sure miss my other daughters and granddaughter as well.

I was grooming in the shop when Shelly came to see me, and we chatted as I worked. Then, as I glanced over, I wondered why my daughter had a mischievous look on her face … and then I saw Cinder in the hobo bag. OH! my heart.

IMG_6215 (1)

When I ventured into McBride this morning , I parked outside one of the houses I own to obtain an Internet signal. Out of the corner of an eye, I noticed movement on the road behind the car:


The deer were unafraid but not obnoxious and they simply moved past me and into a yard across from where I was parked.

One evening early this week, I saw a bright reflection at the bottom of our driveway. Cinder and I walked almost all the way down to the highway only to discover that is actually was a reflector on a post, made askew, I guess, by the snowplow trucks. I was okay with that … I had been thinking, “What if I find out later that a teenaged neighbour was pinned under a bike or a quad?”. I took a picture of our garlic garden, still under a lot of snow:



Sam is king of all he can see.

Woezel and Bob, above.

Beautiful Sophie.

We also have a few more boarding with us, but it’s after midnight again. I’m grateful to have the Internet connection back at home, but must get to bed.

Thanks for reading my blog! Sorry if I repeat myself and repeat photographs. Take care everyone!

Love, Ann


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