Life and Pets

Happy Sunday!

I am feeling so much better, day by day. Still easily “winded” and weak, I try to pace myself.

Clyde went home … a handsome, sweet boy that I can hardly see often enough.

We have Smudge, Hunter, Woezel & Bob, Zeus, Zoey, Mailbox, Luna and Storm.

I finally confessed to Gary that there is a new long-term non-paying resident in the “house” (kennel building): I allowed Rose to dump her oldest pet here a few weeks ago; I was so flabbergasted that I didn’t refuse and I did not ask for a “legacy fund”. Lots of people have lots of times that they would like a “do-over” and for me this is one of those times.  I have always liked the dog, “Mailbox”, but am still stupified over the circumstances of this situation. Gary was puzzled at my lack of fortitude. Again, if you are reading this and want to tattle on me for discussing this business in my own blog, make sure you have your facts straight.

In the meantime, Mailbox is very little trouble, seems completely content and happy with the attention she’s getting. I groomed her the other day and she frolicked about like a young pup. She is, I was told, 15 years old.


Once again, this is old news, but that’s how this blog rolls. I boarded old Tango, a chocolate lab, and his young sidekick, Trigger, last week. They are both good boys, and the owners report that the puppy is really keeping Tango motivated … you know, a playmate and competition for food, etc..

Tango Gunderson




On Tuesday, when I was truly feeling like death-warmed-over, I groomed little Lily. She is so meek and loving, it was very little trouble, and I was able to sit down most of the time. Lily just got a little mini-trim.



Woezel and Bob after a bath

Cats at the end of the workday:


I must get back soon with pictures of Storm and Luna. I don’t know why I don’t have a good photo of the two of them on the computer, as they are regular guests here. They are great gals, little trouble (Storm can’t dig as much while the ground is frozen), quiet and affectionate.

Today we set the clocks ahead again … is that eliminating Daylight Savings Time? I’m lucky if I remember, “Spring Ahead, Fall Back”. It’s a minor irritation, but I hardly care one way or the other.

Must get back at my “day” … lots of catching up to do after the blur of a week I’ve had. Nevertheless, it’s Sunday, and suddenly coffee tastes good again, so I might do some resting as well.

Love to all,


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