Life and Pets

Back in the land of the living …

For more than a week, Gary and I have both been quite ill with a variation of the “flu” that has been “going around”. Now we are feeling better, though Gary is still being treated for bronchitis.

So that’s my excuse this time for not posting for so many days. Although I was daily able to rally enough strength to care for the boarding pets, I barely managed to get through it at times. Thank you for your kind offers of help, soup, and elderberry tinctures.

I guess it takes being that sick to realize how wonderful one feels on the normal days! I’m hoping this was the piece de resistance of the winter, and that Spring has sprung.

When I don’t talk to you for so long, I hardly know where to start, even though in my mind, I often think of what I’ll say in my blog. I’ll start from today and work back a few days.

Clyde came to see us for a short stay and for a nail trim. He is such a great big loving baby that, as I sat on the floor with him, he snuggled up as close as possible, while also trying to lay upon all of his own paws to avoid the pedicure.

Clyde DonellyClyde Donelly

Hunter is visiting also. He is a long-time favourite as well. I trimmed his “slipper” feet and his nails and brushed through his luxurious coat.

Hunter PoirrierHunter Poirrier

Although I was barely getting through each day in mid-week, I honoured an appointment for this lovely border collie. Buddy’s owner wanted him to have a “puppy-cut”, and so I did my best with that. He will be cooler and very easy to keep fluffy and tangle free for some time.



A couple of weeks ago, I was honoured to babysit these two fine canines for a few days. They adapted very well to the strange digs. The lighter coloured dog is Archie, and the rotty cross, Shiloh. They were both perfectly good and obedient, and ate well while here (a sure sign that they were not too stressed).

Dear old clients are Tony and Timber. A third member of my friend’s pet family just died a few weeks ago, Duke, and I believe they ALL miss him.


Duke, darling, R.I.P.

I really need to shut the computer down for now. I’m not sure what the actual issue is, but most times when I work on my blog on this aging desktop Mac, it threatens to overheat. I don’t know why it thinks it’s working so hard.

So I’ll just resolve to get back to talk to you some more in a day or so. There are chores to do anyway.

Love, Ann

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