Life and Pets

Heading into another week …

There were twelve doggy boarders this weekend, and though several were quite “vocal”, they were easy to care for.

Today I spent a few extra hours sewing in the kennel building, and then I could “shush” our guests when necessary, and in fact, when I’m present, they tend to watch me quietly.

Who might THESE be for?

Little Gus was boarding this weekend, so I presented him with his personalized blanket and a matching bandana. He does seem more impressed with his rawhide chew.


It is a little hard to keep a work space for myself in my shop, but you’ve seen this happen before:

I never get cross with the cats for elbowing their way into my space; I simply try to “skootch” them over enough to get some work done, and ensure that they don’t touch the hot iron.

There were brand new clients with us this for a couple of days. Here are Astra and Luna, who had never been boarded in a kennel before, but adjusted perfectly well.


We had a visit from dear Festus this weekend also.


I groomed Roper and several other dogs this week, though it was a pretty slow period. I don’t mind. As you can see, Smokey remains ever helpful and reassuring.

On Saturday, Gary purchased a good mountain bike from Cliff in McBride. It was an unusual sight to have a man ride a bicycle past the kitchen window as I prepared lunch, and especially unexpected in winter.


On Saturday afternoon, we attending the “Celebration of Life” of our friend, and friend to everyone, Ruth Sharp. It was like a tea party in her honour and she would have approved. People had happy stories of Ruth’s pleasant personality, friendship and of her extraordinary creative talents. She will be missed.


Ruth ~ from her daughter Nancy’s collection

Well, folks, my dear friends. I started chatting late and now it’s time to tuck the canine guests in for the night. Take care, everyone.

~ Ann


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