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Title? no title …

I started a draft of a blog post two days ago, while I was shedding tears over the horrible school shooting in Florida. The first three paragraphs were lame and rambling, and I shelved this attempt at “chat”.

Did a modicum of redecorating in the kennel building today. Years ago, I added a few shelves on the walls thinking that the cats would enjoy climbing on them. Although I used some strategy and skill in placing the “platforms”, none of my cats have used them for fun and exercise. I know that they were accessible, because one cat, long ago, pooped on the highest one.

Today I took two of the shelves down, heavy with dust, and put up some Vistaprint mini-posters. I might order some more of these sturdy reprints and put those up as well.

What truly surprised me was that Sam came around a corner and noticed the change! I did not think he would have engaged in this small bit of difference in the decor, but he sat down and studied the pictures, then jumped up onto the grooming table and took another look.


Through the week and this weekend, I have had such delightful friends around me.

Bella Kraby


Ajax was here only for the day, but the reunion with his owners was joyful. He couldn’t possibly get closer to “Daddy” in the truck.










These three beautiful souls come from one family:

The Great Dane is “Lola”.


Chloe, an Australian Shepherd


A cat named, “Normal”. They wanted him to have a normal name.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call about 5 pm.. It was a faithful customer asking if I could groom her dogs “tonight”, because they were coming from Valemount to McBride on a trouble call for B.C. Hydro.

I had to think fast, and said, “Yes, I can do that.” So instead of having dinner with Gary (and sitting some more after a sedentary day), I groomed these lovely two miniature Australian Shepherds, Roper and Cona. (Smokey, of course, loves them both!)


Taffy the guinea pig got her cage cleaned this week. I try to get this done regularly, but I always think the pretty little creature is just a bit happier with the new hay and bedding.


I was expecting Zoey to arrive early this morning. As I was busy in the kennel building anyway, I didn’t phone to remind my customer or inquire about her “e.t.a.”. Eventually I got a text informing me that she had been stuck in snow last night and then slept in. When I answered, “Are you okay now?”, she replied that she was stuck again.

So I grabbed a shovel, hopped in our car, and went over to see if I could help. I found L.’s car in a snowbank, and locked, a short distance from her home. I did a bit of shovelling, but realized that the vehicle was almost high-centered in a deep drift … not really high-centered, but hung up on one corner. Another friend stopped in her car, and then two men in two separate large pick-ups offered their assistance.

I hurried up to L.’s house and got the car keys from her. Then someone could at least start and steer the car as it was being towed backward out of the drift. Eventually, “L” got going again and on her way, I took Zoey with me on my errands, and all was well.


I’m not even sure what my friend is doing or saying in this picture, gesturing with her arms, but all went well.

Oh, it has seemed to be a long winter.


At least there are still some pretty, clear sunrises in winter.

Earlier this week was Valentine’s Day. I was aware of the occasion, but wasn’t really “observing” it. Then Gary came home with these gorgeous orchids, and days later, they still look fresh. Sure love that guy!



Thank you all for reading my rambling blog posts. Hugs to all of you!

Love, ~ Ann

One thought on “Title? no title …

  1. Ann, I have never seen orchids that beautiful color, I’m not even sure what to call it . . . coral, perhaps? They should last a long time, at least down here they would. In your brutal winter climate they must look like a ray of sunshine! Such a lovely Valentine’s Day gift . . .

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