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This ‘n’ that …

Feel like I’m spinning my wheels or treading water lately. The less I do, the less I want to do. I guess this could still be attributed to “winter doldrums”.

We have had some beautiful days in this wonderful Valley. Seems lucky that the area is so scenic, because we have had some very bitter temperatures and quite a bunch of snow. Gary has done most of the work of pushing snow around, and for that I’m grateful. I did a few hours of work a couple of days ago, and I still feel like I’ve been run over by a truck; I know this speaks of being out-of-shape.

I’m starting to look forward to Spring and am determined to walk more and in general move more. I have put on weight again and feel distressed and shamed.


Gary behind the plow, er … snow blower


Mount Robson ~ photo credit Stacey Kendall


Sam surveying a snowy world.



Timber ~ a large dog dwarfed by the snowbanks



Do flower pots dream of Spring?

It was an arduous task, but I got out the 6′ ladder and cleared off what I could reach from the top of the covered runs. The wire framework and tarps were threatening to collapse under the weight.

We had just a few boarders this weekend, all dear to us.

Stella is a Cane Corso. She’s gentle and intelligent, regal and quiet. As her “neighbour” in the kennels wanted to pick a fight, I gave her an Eddie Bauer divider.

Carly Walline


Teddy Godin



Maya & Selter


Dexter & Jazzmin

I bought this painting from a young artist in our town. She has offered a few works of art depicting some local scenes. It made me feel good on several levels to invest in her work.


Shelly has arrived for for a visit so I’m going to shut this down for the time being. She always cheers us!

Love, Ann

One thought on “This ‘n’ that …

  1. Holy cow!! The snow photos are beautiful, but OMGosh that’s a whole lot of snow!! I can see why you’re yearning for spring, Ann. Well I guess you have a bit of a wait, by the calendar anyway, so hang in there! Better yet, get out of Dodge and come down here for a visit.

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