Life and Pets

Busier days …

It’s just Wednesday and we have all the indoor kennels booked up. The guests are all good dogs and I’m lucky to be able to hang out with them.

Ghost, Lolli & Skipper, Rosie, Baxter and Louis are here, and the population will change a little by tomorrow. It’s a fulfilling career/job/service, as pet owners offer some kind of positive affirmation on most occasions we have business together, beside the fact that I’m surrounded by the best of animal friends daily.

These days, I feel sad about our friend Ruth, who died early Monday morning. She no longer suffers, but anyone who knew her will feel the ache of missing her. Ruth and her family have occupied my mind constantly during the last 12 days or so, after our friend had a stroke and was fading by the hour. She had her loving husband and some of her grown children (also friends of ours) at her side.

This week, I made the difficult decision to put my little old house up for sale. Okay, that part was not so hard, but I proceeded in what I believed was the “proper” way, and informed my renter before anyone else other than Gary and Shelly. It was unnerving to break the news to Rose, and she was shocked, worried, and sad. I wish Rose only the best, and a new owner of the property might not change anything about her tenancy, or if they want change, they will have to give proper notice.

Something hilarious happened in my work day yesterday … it is so very trivial in the grand scheme of life, but I want to share.

A couple of weeks ago, I took the small TV home from our vacation rental (later we replaced it with a larger TV). Although this unit is a “Smart TV” and I can view Netflix and some other Internet-related programs, the regular “peasant” channels, free for everyone, do not come in very well at all. They are hardly watchable, even with a portable external antenna that sits in the window.


The other day, I left the shop to do some task, and the TV was on but not connected to the Internet. It was on Channel 13 and very fuzzy. When I came back to the building, I noticed that the reception was much improved and not miserable to view at all!

And then do you know what happened? Sam the siamese got up off his perch on the window sill (he had had a short nap beside the antenna) and jumped down to greet me … and the reception on the TV failed again. Now the question of the day is how to keep a cat beside the antenna, or replicate the effect and the improved reception. I’m not techy enough to understand what went on there.


Hope you all have a good day. If life is not so wonderful right now, I wish you some courage and happier times ahead.


~ Ann


2 thoughts on “Busier days …

  1. Love you blog, Ann! A month or so ago I thought I had finally did whatever was necessary to automatically receive each new blog entry as soon as it’s been posted. I guess that didn’t happen because today I see that I missed several January postings. I’m going to make another attempt but not sure how I’ll do that. Best wishes to you and Gary as we begin the race through 2018!!

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