Life and Pets

Just resting …

This has been a relaxing day, for the most part. Have cared for Smudge, Loki, Baxter and Casey, and the resident gang (Cinder, Smokey, Sam, Taffy the guinea pig, and the chickens).





Baxter Frederick


Casey Gasser


It just occurred to me that Gary made his own breakfast, coffee for the two of us, and warmed leftover pizza for lunch for both of us! Gasp. When I proffered this observation to Gary, he exclaimed, “Dereliction of duty!”, and, smiling, retreated to the bedroom for a nap.

I’m not even cooking tonight, as we have decided to meet Zev and Sharon for Chinese smorg.

Part of what occupied my time today involved sorting of photos on the computer. It wouldn’t be possible for most people to sort all of the images, as there are 11,000. But I gave it a whirl, and labelled some that weren’t labelled.

A few weeks ago, Pete asked about my website, Robson Valley Pet Hostel . He was amazed at the number of pet portraits featured there, and asked if, were he to point to any one of them, could I say the pet’s name? I said that I thought so. Almost any one, I believed.

Now I’m humbled a bit. Even of the thousands of pet photos in our ‘Photo’ program, I can name many, but not all. The thing to do is to attach names to each and every download from the camera, every time. The camera and computer do an impressive job of identifying the place and time of the pics, but of course most of the pet pictures are taken at the Pet Hostel. If I got out all of my appointment books, I could label a few more than by memory alone.

The other factor that was wearying was to realize how many of my animal friends are “gone now”. This goes for a few of the photos of humans as well. I went back only about three years, found myself tearful, and shut the project down for now. Some day I should go back to the website and update the many pages of pet galleries.

To ponder all this business of life and aging and dying is, in general, pretty tiring to me. I think I’ll wrap this blog post up and play games on my iPad. Not take everything so seriously.


~ Ann


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