Life and Pets

Best bucket ever …

It’s such a small thing, but it took on some importance to me.

One dog water bucket of the many I have kept showing up “like a bad penny”. Somehow, and I could not imagine how, the handle had become “straighter” than normal. This bucket would not stack properly with the others because the handle would not fall over to the side. The handle would also not stand straight up, so this bucket couldn’t be easily clipped to the fence. It could hardly be set up so that a dog could get his face right over the water because of the cursed handle being in the way.

I was going to break off the welds that held the handle on; that would be better than feeling mocked every time I tried to fit the stupid bucket into the stack, but would also mean that it couldn’t be attached to fences. I tried bending the brackets this way and that, bending the heavy wire handle too. I tried to create a bigger bend with a good sized hammer. Nothing helped.

Finally, I told Gary that I was defeated by this engineering problem and left the bucket with him. He might have heated the handle in order to bend it, but whatever was the solution, it is now as good as new, and as useful as the other buckets.

I wish I had asked for help sooner. Instead of discarding or recycling the bucket, or removing the handle rendering it less useful, I have one that is perfectly serviceable. Priceless!


I wish I could tell you that this story was a metaphor, but it’s not, unless your imagination takes you there.

Once Luna and Storm went home last night, there were no boarders until this morning. Shadow came to see me for the day, and she watched from her comfy bed while I did some cleaning for a few hours. We listened to tunes, Cinder ran in and out supervising everyone, and the cats did what they do best… found places to rest and then slept.


Before I even got Shadow’s “go bag” unpacked, Sam needed to inspect. No hard came to him.


In the evening, while I was out in the kennel building drinking hot chocolate, Smokey came to sit with me. I think Shadow is saying, “I see you have a cat on your lap, may I come up there too?”.

I knew this $5. chair would come in handy. Someday I will reupholster it instead of simply throwing dog blankets upon it, but the reigning cats already love taking turns napping there.

Little Zippy visited briefly to get his nails clipped and polished.


Hope you who are reading this have had a good day, or if life is treated you harshly, I will send courage as best I can. Call or write any time.

Love, Ann


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