Life and Pets

Weekend’s end …

Sorry I haven’t visited since last Wednesday; it was a pretty busy weekend. Actually, the days weren’t terribly hectic, but I was preoccupied with something I can’t talk to you about at this time.

Last week, I shared a photo of beautiful Skye, and it was before her little “tune-up” maintenance trim. Skye doesn’t mind the company and the cuddling of the cats, but is perhaps a bit shy of the camera. Skye is a favourite guest and a friend.


Saturday and Sunday I boarded these “three musketeers”. A nice family has ushered Charma, Sam and Sadie into their golden years, and the dogs’ ages are 13, 14, and 15 in that order. The dogs are all gentle and quiet, and the fact that they all suffer from some degree of incontinence is no big deal here … the floors are moppable and all the bedding easily washed.


The owners told me not to panic if Sadie died here. Thank goodness she did not.

Blitzen has been a regular since he was a wee puppy. He is a quiet and gentle adult dog, and only behaves nutty when his family comes back to “spring” him from the Pet Hostel.

I groomed Nellie and Sadie last week. They also are treasured canine pals of mine.

Zoey is a frequent visitor. Neither her owner nor I can explain why sometimes Zoey is 100% composed and other times, alarmingly anxious. She is like this at home as well.

With all this dog-related activity, I also trimmed Cinder a little bit. He got his stitches out from the neutering and seemed more comfortable last week, and now is back to his feisty self.

One of those days, I dashed into town and while going about my errands, was invited to say “Hi” to noble Kelef, who was waiting for his master to return to the car.


Now this might seem random. Yes, it is random. This is an apple “pannkaka” or Dutch Baby, an oven-baked pancake. I was trying to impress Gary, but I enjoyed it very much.


I didn’t get new photos of Eirwen, or Luna & Storm, or the parrot Max. There may be others I missed, but my mind is going numb and my daybook is out in the kennel building.

Tonight I was reading David’s Blog, which is a marvel of succinctness and artistry. He features a great photo every time, and a short reflection related to it. I admire David’s Blog … I should be like that.           David Marchant Blog

Then I thought I’d check my daughter Susan’s Blog. She had started blogging anew, and though I don’t understand all of the academic terminology she uses, it is great to read of her activities and reflections. Compared to my blog, Susan’s is also succinct.

Susan’s Website & Blog

I must say goodnight to you lovely people. Will catch up with you later in the week.


~ Ann


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