Life and Pets

Happy Wednesday …

I couldn’t decide what to talk to you about today, but thought I’d dive right in regardless. It’s kind of like how I live my life and make conversation anyway.

Gary’s been skiing and this week was an over-nighter. Some weeks he and Rob go for just one day, depending on the snow conditions, weather on the slopes or Ruthie’s health. Almost always, they go to Marmot Basin, Jasper, Alberta.

While “the boys” have been away this week, I haven’t set the chimney afire or got in any other kind of tense situation in home maintenance or otherwise. I have enough dog grooming and boarding to stay “afloat”, but when I’m not occupied at Pet Hostel activities, I’ve been trying to catch up to book work.

I stayed up until almost 2 am. filling in spread sheets for income for 2017, but actually I am another whole year behind and need to locate my daybook from 2016. Will pull another late night just for that step.

Even doing last year’s income sheets is a walk back through every day, as I sometimes add brief notes to my planner that are unrelated to pet care. Did we really harvest that much garlic? So-and-so died that month, that long ago? I often wish that I had made more detailed additions to each page, such as weather or my mood or my weight (nah), and then these little books would be as much a diary as a business record. Could be very entertaining for someone if I’m ever audited!

I was going to share a photo of one of the “busier” pages of my book, but decided that it was too much sharing of other peoples’ activities. I didn’t know how to blur the whole thing.

Today, I’m grooming Skye, who is staying two days. She is the sweetest humble dog and has been in the house with me while life and business are so quiet.


Earlier this week, I bathed this large, muscle-y boy. Bandit is a German Short-haired Pointer cross (crossed with pit bull). Although I’m not afraid of pitty crosses in general, I kept an eye on his face while I clipped his nails … Bandit seemed a bit insecure about the procedure. He did not threaten to bite the nail scissors or me but simply watched intently. Because of my dandy electric table, I didn’t have to lift this big puppy, and he stepped onto the platform on command, trusted me while he had a “ride” to my working height, and then stepped in and out of the bathtub without fear.

I took the sutures out of my tiny companion, Cinder, yesterday. It was a day or two early, but I felt that the incisions had healed and that the stitches were causing discomfort. Dr. Vogel did a great job on a dog whose minute testicles were not descended and maybe never would be; I got a little “song-and-dance” about there being more vascular supply, and two incisions instead of the usual one, etc., therefore the cost was higher. At least the testes were not “lost” within the abdomen. I think the vaccinations made Cinder more lethargic than the neutering, but now it is all done and he is back to his feisty self.

Also yesterday, I groomed this gorgeous cat, Loki. She is as patient and gentle as ever a kitty could be, only growling low when I tried to comb tangles instead of shearing them off. She seemed to think that the clippers were massaging her, and Loki didn’t even strike or bite when I shaved her belly and between her legs.

On the weekend, I boarded Casey, who doesn’t need us very often. Because Casey bit me on an occasion in the past (while I was telling her what a pretty girl she is), I gave her some “space”, but she ate very well and was kept warm and clean like all the rest.

Casey Gasser



The above meme was on Casey’s owner’s Facebook page. I don’t think I have to discuss with them that the dog can be a teensy bit unpredictable.

Our own two cats have clearly made friends. I’m sorry that I’m repeating myself from previous posts, but it brings me some joy to see Sam and Smokey together. There have been many opportunities to rescue more pets since Sam came to us a squalling cold kitten found in the middle of nowhere, but I would be so afraid that this would upset our peaceful status quo. (Plus at this point, there seems to be nobody crapping on Gary’s hay!)  I do help with unfortunate cats and dogs when I can, and certainly I donate money to various rescue societies.

Oh goodness, look at the time. I must get on with my day.

I love you for visiting my blog. I hope you have a pleasant day too.

~ Ann


Photo credit: Village Of McBride website. Obviously this is not a winter photo!

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