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Missy & Baxter …

I’m a couple of days delayed posting a post …

These two lovely pets belong to two different families, but I believe that they are siblings. Because the Pet Hostel operates in a region of relatively sparse population, to have related animals boarding, or here for grooming, is not that rare.

Both Missy and Baxter are a little fidgety to groom, but are as pleasant as can be.

Missy lived with her brother Buddy, though he met with a tragic accident a few years ago.


I believe this one is either a large male sibling, or possibly he fathered the above three cuties. Often you don’t know where a 12 year old dog has left his calling cards.


So, today has not been hectic. I gave Shelly a ride to a day of meetings this morning, then groomed Missy and Baxter and was back in the house for lunch. I’m resting and chatting to you now, and will go back to sweep and mop floors in the kennel, perhaps try to set up a small TV as well, finish laundry, and so on.

As usual, Gary has done all the shovelling and snow plowing necessary to clear the driveway and make things look presentable.

Yesterday I groomed Ladybug and still managed to dine out for lunch with friends. I didn’t work hard the rest of the day either.


Talk to you later!

Love, Ann


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