Life and Pets

The dogs of Christmas …

I didn’t get many posts made over the last two weeks. You’ll enjoy seeing some of the faces of pets who were here over the holidays.

Little Zippy was the last dog I groomed in the shop before my human darlings were with us. He’s so cuddly.


Zippy & Smokey

I babysat another small Zippy after the Christmas rush. He is also loving.


We boarded the dear old border collie who belongs to good friends. “Louis” is almost 15 years, joyful and comfortable still.


Another old-timer is Wally. He is frail, but appreciated the heated floors and soft bedding. I helped him to his feet several times per day … naturally it hurts my heart to see my animal friends get old.


His sidekick from the same family is Clemina, and she is still robust.


We had Buster visiting, and Taffi too … they have been “neighbours” many times at the Pet Hostel and once even dug from each side of a fence in order to get together. With permission, I now allow them to frolic in the same exercise yard.


These two sweeties belong to the same family. Bubbles has an auto-immune disorder which causes her nose to remain raw. Odie is a young neutered male and is also very pleasant and lovable.

Another senior doggy friend is Smudge. He gave his owner a scare at home recently, by going off to lie under a tree in the yard, unmoving. But Smudge was okay, albeit a bit hard-of-hearing.



This thin-skinned pair had to be kept warm over Christmas (like all the others). Finn and Bella have been here before. Finn is sweet and timid; Bella is respectful to humans but feisty with other dogs and probably hard on cats.


Finn & Bella

I couldn’t get a good picture of these pups: sisters who are a year old.


Skipper & Lollie

They have spotted the cat, Sam. I would be afraid for a cat with the two being so fixated…

You’ve seen this pair before … Sadie and Nellie. I see Sadie getting old and it makes me sad.


I had Clyde just for Christmas Day. His loving owner decided to go skiing in the -27˚, but I found a warm spot for the big, handsome puppy.


I didn’t board Rango, but she was visiting where we had our Christmas Dinner … at Zev-and-Sharon’s. His owner rescued her from life in a dark, feces-filled basement.


This week I groomed this delightful wee Australian Shepherd. His owner thought he was “a mess”, but in my world, he was not bad at all. He was awesome in temperament, too.



Another new customer over Christmas was Jake. He is just 8 months old and enormous for a labrador, but always tries to do what people ask.

Baxter also came for a short visit between Christmas and New Year’s Day.


Believe it or not, pet care was not the only thing I managed. I loved feeding my family. All three of “my” girls were here at one time, and Adrien. Then Laine arrived on the coldest day, from Southern California, but he didn’t complain.

We had managed to put a dent in the groceries and had a lot of things eaten up, put away, or fed to the chickens. Then a friend was looking for someone to make a “British Meat Pie”, and I enthusiastically volunteered. She just wanted a small one for our mutual friend, Craig. So I looked up a recipe and affirmed, “I can do this!”:


The pie actually looked a lot more appetizing after it was baked, and Craig said it was great.

The other night I had a craving for egg noodles to go with turkey and gravy. Oops … there were none in the cupboard, so I made some. They were quite tasty and chewy (I didn’t get them very thin).


Good grief. I just made myself hungry simply mentioning food. I need to get back on the weight control bandwagon. I’m old enough to finally realize that I fail at almost any “diet plan”. Even so, I can quit over-eating at meals and get back to not snacking in between. I don’t want to go on in this blog about how this issue makes me feel. Not tonight.

I know that I have missed showing you some of my sweet customers, but I’m “played out” for tonight. I’ve posted twice in one day … long posts at that. I hope you enjoy the photos and reading.

Love, Ann


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