Life and Pets

Happy Saturday …


It has been a good day, with a busy morning, a restful afternoon and pleasant evening. After feeding the ten large dogs that are boarding, and making latkes for we humans, I did a little cleaning up in the kennels and then gave Gary a haircut.

Then I groomed Grizzly, as I’d been asked to do, and Sasha. Grizz is a Doberman-Rottweiler who looks like he has a short coat, but actually has very dense fur with heavy undercoat. He tends to shed profusely, but somewhat less right after shampoo and conditioning, high velocity blow-out (it was a black blizzard in the shop), and brushing with slicker brush and Furminator. Because Grizz seemed to have a pinched nerve when he arrived, I bathed him in a shampoo that is formulated for joint pain. Can we actually believe that a shampoo will ease pain? Not so sure.

Sasha, a mastiff mix, was like an 80 pound chihuahua to groom … not much coat at all. Both dogs were good for nails.



I had been asked to trim the nails on these handsome boys, Gally and Patch. They are pretty patient about their pedicures too, though leery of the Dremel tool. They are respectful and not inclined to bite.


I trimmed the nails on Woezel and Bob also. I think the big poodle WANTS to bite the nail scissors, but he is really too civilized and loving. Bob is the definition of stoicism and doesn’t even flinch. I am secretly “in love” with Bob, who is a Maremma rescued from a tiny apartment. He’s lucky and so content now, with a good family.

We also have at the Pet Hostel: Maddy, Zeus, and Summit, and Shadow just went home.






I don’t have a picture of Summit yet. He’s a new client, from the Kooteneys, and his people are hiking a long hike in our Valley.

Last night was the final game of the World Junior Hockey, with Canada playing Sweden. I would have been interested in watching anyway, but friends came over to see the game and bought Chinese food. So it was festive, especially because “we” won!

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of giving Kona a spa morning. She is one of the sweetest princesses ever … biddable, stoic, unafraid. Kona is a petite Newfoundland, only about 70 pounds, and she hops onto the grooming table at my request. She stands still, sits or lies down as needed, and steps into the bathtub (and back onto the table) when asked. Throughout this, she will lean toward me, giving me slurpy kisses when I allow it, and almost go to sleep under the warm dryer. Afterward, like almost every dog post-groom, she frolics about like a puppy.

I love my job.

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