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Start in any corner, part ? …

How many times have I quoted the beloved mom of my childhood friends? When overwhelmed by clutter and excess, I remember Eleanor’s words, “Just start in any corner.” This works for housework, bookkeeping and almost any task that requires organization or cleaning. It can even work for accumulation of garbage and baggage of the mind, and I think that is the most difficult decluttering project of all.

This morning I started at 7 am. as usual, and with Gary on his regular ski days, I was the one to breath life into the wood fire downstairs. It was almost out, because I had “fed” it earlier than usual at 11 pm. and not turned the damper down too far. I rebuilt the fire with ordinary paper, kindling and firewood, (no improper material). Next thing I knew, the house was filling with smoke and I had a chimney fire.

So I stood and watched flames shoot out the chimney and embers daintily falling in the snow on the roof and contemplated my next move. Thank goodness it wasn’t -30˚ here anymore, as I also left the house doors open to air the place out (which would be completely irrelevant if the home burned down). I suppressed the fire in the heater and turned the damper down.

In the end, the fire in the chimney burned itself out, and then I thought the catalytic combustor in the heater had been fried, as the gauge wasn’t moving to the correct “zone”. Eventually, that too resolved itself and all is well.

During this drama, I didn’t have time to mourn my parents. Today is the day that Myrtle died in 2011, and I always give some thought to my dad at the same time (he died in 2004). They were so compatible and had joyful years together, up until Dad got vascular dementia. For the last decade of his life, things were very difficult for both Dad and Myrtle; depending what you believe, perhaps they are happy and well again now.


I always struggle with the notion that, if there is a heaven, my darling mom would be there also. Now, how does that work?

I’m not on much of a “roll” as far as the cleaning or decluttering now. I have managed to ditch the Christmas tree and put away my few concessions to Holiday decorating. I’ve been polishing silver and planning to post some things on eBay or Etsy. I should start on taxes. I actually don’t know which “corner” to start in, as there are so many.

My dog grooming was cancelled for the day so I have unexpected spare time. Rose expects me at 3 pm, when I have arranged to try to diagnose her issue with her front door. I’m not clear if it doesn’t lock, doesn’t stay closed properly, or both. I’ve asked a locksmith to meet me.

Shall I say it? I’m sorry I haven’t posted in this blog very regularly for awhile. I have a mess of pet photos that need tweaking before they get shared.

Our wish for all of you is to have a happy and peaceful 2018 ahead. We’ve heard that some friends have experienced some trauma and strife and loss already in this new year.  I always hope that people can ask for help … I can still make a meal or bake, board a pet, or simply hold a hand.

Love, Ann




2 thoughts on “Start in any corner, part ? …

  1. Can’t believe the time that has passed. I see you are still beautiful. It was so very nice to see your Dad and Myrtle. As I type this, and think of your dad, I am reminded of New Years dinner at a hotel (can’t recall which one) in 70/71. Your dad took us all.
    Saw a letter you wrote long ago, today. Found it in my mom’s papers/pictures today.
    I love that you seem so well. Makes me very happy.

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