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My cup runneth over …

I’m not known for my Biblical references, but sometimes they fit! (The predictive typing on my iPad had some trouble with the quote above!)

We had our turkey dinner night before last … on the 23rd. It wasn’t conventional, nor even typical of our own holiday feasts.

Even the turkey was roasted differently in the new kitchen range. Gary and I had just watched a feature on the morning news in which a chef deboned the turkey thighs, pounded them flat, and rolled them with dressing like a rouladen. Halfway through the first turkey thigh, I thought, ” This is FAR too much trouble!, and, “There’s a reason I’m not a butcher.”

One of the reasons for taking these extra steps, aside from the fact that the turkey thigh rouladen proved delicious, is that all pieces take less time to roast. The thighs take only an hour and a half, and the disarticulated rest of the bird takes only two hours. I double-researched some of the methodology because the new range is “quasi-convection”. This is my term for an oven with a fan for faster baking/roasting but that is not considered a true convection.

The turkey all turned out well. It was served with the stuffing/dressing, gravy and homemade cranberry sauce, twice-baked potatoes and pickle trays and appetizers from the night before. Somehow vegetables and salad and buns went by the wayside. Susan brought an organic wine that was delicious. We had a chocolate torte (Gary’s Grandma Ann’s famous recipe) for dessert, trays of other baking, chocolates, and all that. Susannah’s homemade fabulous and renowned popcorn “poppycock” arrived too.

Kim laughed when at one point I declared, “Nothing succeeds like excess!”

Yesterday we had our Christmas morning. Shelly had picked up a hospital shift but didn’t have to be at work until 10 am.. The “kids”, meaning Adrien and his harem Shelly, Susan and Kim, arrived about 8:30, and we had a brunch of more appetizers including California rolls, cheese spreads and such, scrambled eggs, homemade chorizo patties, black beans and ham. Of course there was homemade bread, bagels, tortillas and a lot of Oso Negro coffee. Another feast! It is my idea of a good time, to feed my family and friends.

Last night was Christmas Eve, and it was just Gary and I for spanakopita, with turkey in gravy (and the last couple of twice-baked potatoes) . This is Christmas Day, but we have already exchanged our gifts and are left to enjoy each other’s presence. We had cinnamon buns and scrambled eggs (and the last five appetizer meatballs).

Holy shit! It is too easy to overeat these days. It’s got to stop! Oh, yeah, we’re invited to Zev-and-Sharon’s for dinner tonight and that is always a feast with great company, again. The girls and Adrien are cooking for and dining with their dad, stepmom and brother tonight.

A high point of this Christmas Day was a video chat with granddaughter Juno and her family! I managed not to cry with the emotion of those moments. We also talked to Beth, Mike and Lee and exchanged greetings, thank yous and love.

IMG_5080 BethJunoMikeChristmas2017

The Pet Hostel is at capacity for the conditions. It is bitterly cold … -25 degrees. I’ve made provision for every dog to be indoors, because even if owners say that the dog would be fine outside, how will I feel if a dog gets frostbite or just seems chilled? I guess it’s a mercy that I had a couple of cancellations (I don’t charge for that), and a “no-show no-call”, which does upset me.

We have a very nice bunch of doggy guests. There are a couple who are incontinent in their old age, or urinate in submission (not my fault, and I make no remark), so there is a little extra housekeeping to do this holiday season, but this is what I signed up for.

I am blessed to have this career, facility, snug home, music, internet and television, goodness knows enough to eat, our beautiful family and friends.

Hope you also are having pleasant and plentiful days. We know many who suffer at this time of year and year ’round, and we wish for you to have a better year ahead.

Love, Ann

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