Life and Pets

Getting wild on Friday night …

I was “finished” for the evening and had my feet up when I got a phone call from a friend whose eldest son was visiting in the Valley. He had asked her what to do about a stray cat that was meowing piteously at the door and was very hungry.

Shoot me now. I told them to bring it to us. I have had some good luck finding rightful owners or new homes for wayward pets. So instead of getting into my nightie and putting all my clothes in the washer, I stayed dressed and decent after “closing time” … I had, after all, offered to take the cat tonight.

Soon, my friend’s son and granddaughter arrived with the kitty, who promptly escaped their grasp. We were led on a trip through the bush with the light from my iPhone … me without my jacket, and all of us on unfamiliar footing. The teenager got a grip on the cat eventually, lucky for us all, and we got back out of the trees and brush and across the field to settle this scared soul in a kennel.


She is matted and thin, but with a pot belly. So … stay tuned. Facebook has been very useful for finding solutions. I adore calico cats, but I have been thinking how lucky I am to have such wonderful cats as Sam and Smokey. Just the two.

So I’ve started with the most recent anecdote first. I haven’t got much excitement to report anyway. I have enjoyed a few quiet days before the Christmas rush, though I have three dogs booked for tomorrow for grooming.

Yesterday, I went over to Shelly and Adrien’s to help with the loading (and unloading at “freezer camp”) of their two butcher hogs. The project went extremely well, though I was very aware of the angst and sorrow in my daughter’s heart on the occasion. She had spent months treating those pigs with kindness, and raising them with the best hog ration and kitchen treats and pumpkins from Halloween. It is so emotional to raise one’s own livestock for meat.

Yesterday before going to help with the pigs, I had a notion to try my hand at a project I had seen on Pinterest. I had a “newel post” in an outbuilding that I found or bought more than 20 years ago, and a few scraps of 2X4″ lumber. Goodness knows I have spare paint. I gave myself about 1/2 hour and got this far …


Ever so politely, I asked my husband if he would forge some hooks from which to hang Christmas stockings. I’ll report back to you when the project is complete. We have never had a mantel from which to hang stockings, and we simply propped them in “Lady’s Chair”. I’m excited to employ this newel post stocking hanger for the task.

Shelly’s cat caught on camera yesterday in mid-yawn:


My beloved two cats, keeping Max the parrot company:


I babysat Shadow the schnoodle this week. This is his “before” picture and I forgot to take a new photo after he looked like a purebred schnauzer again. Sweet little guy.


This morning, I needed to run some errands and visit “Shops On Main” in McBride, which is an indoor market with 8 or 10 vendors. I had been, as usual, feeling robustly healthy and well-rested, but one of my elderly friends told me that I looked tired. I try never to tell anyone they look tired, or ill … and immediately a voice in my head told me that I did feel a little run-down.

I’m not actually run-down, or tired, or ill, but I have been gaining weight again, to my chagrin. It’s hardly the “season” or the month for dieting, and I know what mistakes I’ve been making, so wish me luck in the new year for getting control over THAT issue again. It’s a perennial battle, and I swear I remember every remark anyone has ever said about my fuller figure since I was 15 years old (when I was overweight at 120 pounds). Doesn’t make me slimmer … just more sensitive to other people’s sensitivities about a common personal challenge.

The decluttering and sorting and selling and giving away continues. There is not much moolah to be gained by selling beads and craft supplies the way I had been doing it, and (shoot me now) I started stringing beads again. I am trying not to purchase any more stuff. I’ve got an Etsy “shop” again, and have not had any interest in what I’ve created to start with. None of what I’ve made seems of interest to anyone so far, not even the “courage bracelets” that I thought were so marvelous.

So, since I started chatting with you tonight, the owner of the cat texted me. She will pick up her pet tomorrow. What can I say? The poor kitty is in need of grooming, but I will not do it free, so I’ll just release her. The cat is a spayed female.

I might not have been tired this morning when my concerned friend thought I looked it, but now I am! I just had a delicious Keurig cup of coffee because I believe nothing will keep me awake.

It makes me feel good that anyone reads my blog, and sometimes I am surprised to learn who does. Thank you so much for visiting here.

Love, Ann


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