Life and Pets

Can you even imagine …

I am sitting here watching YouTube videos on the television. I’m watching DECLUTTERING videos. 

YouTube uploads are made by people like you and me. As such, some can seem professional and some are just plain irritating. At the moment, there is one offered by a girl who seems to be about 14, but she has it all over on me in the decluttering department. It is inspiring, even if her bedroom is the size of a dorm space or jail cell. If I kept even a space that size so minimalistic, I would be pleased with myself indeed. 

The young gal should actually rethink her background music, though .. it’s rap, and full of obscenities. I don’t care, because I’m not a delicate flower, but it’s not uplifting, energizing or inspiring! 

Even if the music wasn’t to my taste, some of the presentations were. Lunch has been served here, and I feel enthused to keep at my projects. I have been dligent in getting rid of CDs and videos that we will never view or listen to again, and even if I find that I “miss” one later, they can be found online. The same goes for some manuals, encyclopedias, magazines and even some books. If I can even sort and file paperwork, I’ll be gaining … I just threw out some old Christmas cards, previously mixed in with some documents needing keeping, and three $20 bills. 

Onward and upward!

Love, Ann 

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