Life and Pets

Dancing around …

… to Redbone. 

A couple of weeks ago, I fell in love with a music-related documentary that was aired several times on TV. The title is, “Rumble: how Indians shaped the world of Rock.” I’ve been waking up with one song in my mind over and over. I downloaded the tune from the iTunes Store. Eventually, I went looking online for the video to buy, and found it on for $102, and eBay for $30.  I’m almost as much an eBay enthusiast as an Amazon fan, so I have a copy on its way as a gift to myself. I will share with any friends, native and non-native, old rockers or people like me who were too young to appreciate the heyday of rock but get wrapped up in nostalgia for it now. 

At the Pet Hostel, we’ve  had some quiet days. I should be getting more done in preparation for Christmas and for family visiting. I’ve eaten most of the baked goods already, but there’s time for baking. I should be tackling the guest room: we actually have two spare bedrooms. Gary keeps one neat as a pin, and I keep the other one full of a heinous collection of impulse buys, treasures, craft supplies, unread books and forgotten heirlooms. All of which I keep shuffling around. 

Even when I was trying to sell some beadwork (made by me) on Facebook, I fell short of my goals. I got rid of some stones, beads, and craft supplies on eBay and Facebook (for pittances) and then started beading again with what I had left! Nobody seems to think what I’ve created is all that marvellous, and I can’t seem to find a novel idea that really catches on. If I do find an idea like that, I will try to sell on Etsy (at least my sister bought what I’d listed on Etsy years ago!)

Both Gary and I talk about finding the next “big thing”.  We’ve discussed bitcoin, binary trading and medical marijuana stocks. We occasionally buy lottery tickets. You, dear readers, will probably never know if we catch a wave and get rich: it won’t change us and I won’t announce it in this Blog.

You can just keep assuming that it hasn’t happened yet. 

I need to feed Duke & Lady, Sparky, Tilley and the resident population of cats, dog, and chickens, and do the kennel cleanup too. I’m going to finish the laundry and the breakfast dishes and try to find some inspiration to do some great thing like bookwork or decluttering. 

Just keep dancing.

Love, Ann

P.S. Back with photos later when I’m at the desktop computer. 

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