Life and Pets

Still here …

As I sit waiting for customers, I remember that I didn’t get back to talk to you again.

I am fine, everything is okay. There have been a few semi-busy days since I last posted. Really, it’s not that I have worked hard, but I have had work to do. Every day is “broken up”, if you will, by appointments and welcome interruptions: it is the nature of any business including a home-based one.

Yesterday, at least, I managed to have lunch with a friend and do some errands. Of all things, I forgot to buy toilet paper, so I will have to leave home again today after dog grooming.

Early this week, I traded a terrier trimming for this fine pot! Considering that I have ordered a kitchen range with an induction cooktop, not all of our saucepans will work. Anything magnetic and flat-bottomed, including enamel-clad cast iron, will function with induction. I’m looking forward to the process; the newer rental house in town has an induction cooktop, and I cooked a few meals on it while I worked there.



Tank & Smokey

Tank’s owner made me laugh: she reminded me that he can be an “ass”. Well, Tank was very gentle and quiet to groom, with the exception of his nails. He takes great “exception” to his nails being clipped and dremeled, but we got ‘er done. I didn’t get bitten, and he just wasn’t that much of an ass.

Today I bathed and trimmed Snowy, a real favourite. (I know, I know, I have lots of favourites…). She seems shy, but she wagged her tail as she got out of the truck, and gave me Snowy kisses throughout our spa treatment. She doesn’t mind Smokey’s company one bit.

Ricu is here for boarding for a couple of days, and for a thorough grooming too. He’s a sweet, patient little guy, good for everything.

Ricu & Smokey

Ricu & Smokey

On Wednesday, I had the golden doodle puppy, “Cassie” for the first time. She was fidgety but happy and considered her visit quite fun.


It’s a wonder I can work around Smokey, isn’t it? She’s a gentle cat who doesn’t mind being moved around a bit while I groom each dog.

This seemed like a week for cream or white – coloured dogs, eh? This is Roper. He’s a happy cockapoo, and mostly compliant but he can be a little stubborn.

Then one day I had these three darlings. It worked very well to provide day care and grooming for Binou, Fanny Mae, and Daizy at the same time.

Binou is a purebred Portuguese Water Dog: he’s a blueblood with a huge sense of humour. (After all, one of his chew toys is a Trump doll.)


Fanny Mae




This is Cinder on Grey Cup Day. To our own dog, this was a day of attention and praise, as we all sat around watching the football game with our drinks and snacks. There were occasional whoops and hollers which made the tiny dog’s head swivel around as he tried to make sense of one afternoon when “his” household was busier than usual.

Tomorrow is Friday again, and December 1st! I can’t believe how fast time flies.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend DEB! XXX

Hope you’re well … have a good weekend!

Love, Ann

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