Life and Pets

A clearing of fog …

I started a blog post one week ago Sunday and didn’t finish it. I spoke of feeling lazy, of entertainining thoughts of retirement, of being unproductive on a “sabbath” day after a quietly productive week.

Then I didn’t finish it. I should have come back to talk to you. What followed was a period of days in which I felt kind of low … uninspired, overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time, inferior, homely, not very loveable. Still burdened by the “stuff” and bookkeeping not done, I seemed unable to tackle any kind of pile or obstacle and felt, or at least worried about seeming, irritable and frustrated.

At the end of the week, Friday after my work was done and Shelly’s nursing shift ended, she and I went out for a drink and snack. My mood lightened.

Then yesterday morning, I awoke feeling sort of normal again. I looked forward to Sunday breakfast with friends and a small Grey Cup gathering that Gary and I had planned.

The fog had lifted inexplicably. The voices that murmur, “Not good enough.” were quiet again. Quieter. This morning, I feel like myself again. I guess I had a low-biorhythm week.

I feel like I have the spring back in my stride, a more grateful and positive attitude as well.

Later I will get back here with some photos of the pets who bring me joy (Gary makes me happy too but prefers not to be featured in a blog).

Hope you all have a good day and a pleasant week ahead.

Love, Ann 

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