Life and Pets

But Honey, it’s Fireking …

I had a short mission today. I offered to deliver an item, a bag of buttons, I had sold on Facebook, and then I wanted to pick up a saucepan that I had spoken for. 

On my errand, I had to go right by our “transfer station” which is home to garbage and recycling bins, and a “swap shed”. I had no business stopping there. There was no garbage in the car, nor anything to leave at the swap shed, but I was curious. 

I love plain white bowls and dishes and plates. Clear ones also. So there were two medium-sized Fireking bowls, evidently meant to be mine. I broke one of my own a few months ago, probably a family heirloom. By my own logic, this justified me adopting at least one of the bowls sitting on the swap shelf. Two would be better, so there you have it. Now I have them. 

At least in my own mind, I have vowed to move at least a couple of things OUT when I move something IN. So today there was a net gain of three items, but over all, I have managed to donate or sell quite a lot. It is still hard to see a difference. 

It is busy around here this evening, so I need to say goodnight. 

Love, Ann

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