Life and Pets

A quiet little Saturday …

What a pleasant day it has been. The weather is mild, chickens laid two eggs, and those two  details made a great start.

While waiting for Timber to arrive for grooming, I played a few games on the iPad and sorted a pile in the spare bedroom.

What a voyage of discovery, or re-discovery that was!  I’m awful: I was unearthing items and thinking, “Oh, I didn’t remember I had that!”, and, “Am I ever glad I didn’t get rid of this!”. But what does it all mean anyway? Who else will care? I labelled a few items, if I remembered when and why I bought them (some were purchased by me, as a child!). There were a few things I set aside to consider later, whether to sell on eBay or give away. One thing I looked at, as if for the first time ever, is an old pocket watch that appears to be … Russian. Where in the world would I have got that? Did Myrtle find it at a yard sale? Could it have come from my ex-in-laws?

In general, many of the things I found/inspected/considered today were small and not really in the way of my down-sizing efforts. It was fun.

Taffy’s cage was overdue for cleaning, so I did that, and shampooed the piggy as well. I love that little creature, and she is calm while handled by me, so I’ll take that as affection.

I was thinking back to more than thirty years ago when I had many guinea pigs, too many dogs, plus a few rabbits, hamsters, budgies and more. I wish I hadn’t been a pet hoarder at all, ever. For a few years, I collected, bred, showed and sold many animals. I like to believe that I didn’t neglect my husband or our children, but a lot of the animal care hours were … wasted time, in a sense. I didn’t make anything pay. I was searching for something, and found little in the way of satisfaction or validation, mostly frustration and exhaustion. If I could go back, I would do better. I am sorry. And I can’t go back.

Today I brushed Timber and clipped her nails. She is offended by the Dremel tool (hobby rotary sander/nail polisher), so I only did a tiny bit of “grinding”, only enough to remind the big gentle puppy that it won’t hurt.

Max was boarding too. After Timber was picked up, I opened the bird cage, as Max likes to spend time on top of it, surveying the kennel building imperiously.

I was loafing in the cozy house for an hour when I thought, “Oh SHIT! I forgot to put the cats outside! Must say, I had a vision of a dead parrot and terrible news to deliver to Max’s owners. What a relief it was when I lit out of the door of the house and heard Max jabbering from that distance and through the closed door/windows of my shop. When I opened that door, I saw Sam and Smokey resting comfortably at the base of the bird cage. Max must have got down and walked right among the ferocious hunters, as I found evidence: bird droppings, a nibbled book and a pen chewed into the tiniest of bits.


The cats must not know what to think of Max. Sam has killed rabbits, and I think a grouse, and Smokey has hunted down many birds. But the parrot? Almost human. Maybe the cats simply don’t know what to think.

It was not very busy otherwise, this Remembrance Day weekend. Boarders are only Dexter and Jazzmin, Seltzer and Maya, and Jayda. Max was picked up.



Last night Grizzly and Sasha were picked up. There were here for a short stay, and for grooming. Gary made sure they felt at ease with him.



Even a brave 120lb. doggy needs a “happy hoodie” to muffle the blow dryer.



Sasha, shy and gentle


IMG_4614 (1)

Big Grizzly relaxes

I guess I’m all talked out! Feeling weary and ready to sprawl on the couch.



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