Life and Pets

Remembrance Day …

Try as I might, I cannot find the picture of my dad in his Air Force uniform that I think I have in my possession.  It has not been a whole year since I thought of the photo, but I would have wanted to post it in Facebook on this occasion. If I ever come across it again, I will make special note of it, and put it in a logical place, and maybe even tell someone else. Maybe I’ll tell YOU, so that I can ask later. 

I feel ashamed when I can’t locate and keep track of such precious things. As if my own  voice of conscience isn’t enough, I hear Myrtle’s rebukes in my head too. Will I ever get better at this?

Other than things like that, all is well. I had two big dogs to groom today, but they were gentle and obedient, and short-coated. Of course, my electric lift table proved invaluable again. 

The week has been relatively quiet and without too much challenge. All is well. 

We are going to Chinese Smorg tonight, so will leave pet photos and such for the next post. 



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