Life and Pets

Blanket of snow … 

Got out from under the blankets to find this.

It looks like an old sepia photo, but everything really is “socked in”; one can’t even see the mountains. 

I only had one small dog to groom today, and there are just three boarders at the Pet Hostel. The “slow” times do not worry me any more. There are always jobs to do, we manage to make ends meet, and we have a happy life with satisfying lifestyle. So there you have it. 

Lily & Smokey in the blowdryer’s tropical wind.

All I did after breakfast and a bit of loafing, caring for boarders, and grooming Lily, was to attach a row of hangers and hooks above my lift table. I have found that the bigger or most energetic dogs will accidentally knock tools off a lower row of hooks and magnetic bars, resulting in broken clipper blades and damaged scissors, etc..  I like getting these small tasks done: might mean little to some people but feels productive in my world. 

Gary has been working so hard fetching, splitting, and stacking firewood. It’s after noon now, so I will rustle up something for lunch: coconut curry chicken and basmati rice. Okay, leftovers, but it’ll do. 

Love, Ann 

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