Life and Pets

A good week so far …

Monday’s agenda was a retail therapy trip to Prince George, but that’s not all. Shelly and I also delivered a dainty little cat who had been in a motor vehicle accident last week.

“Midnight” had been brought to the Pet Hostel for safe-keeping after faring well in his airline kennel during the rollover. The cat was unharmed, and though initially very shy, he didn’t seem emotionally scarred either. The human victims of the accident were  grateful that we could give their pet a ride to Prince George and Shelly and I were happy to be witness to the reunion.

Midnight, brought to us from MVA

Tuesday I groomed Bandit, who is a mini australian shepherd. He was a good boy today: sometimes he is a bit of a diva about nail trimming and the bath. Those EARS!



Seriously, do I have to put up with this cat, too?

Today, I groomed this big girl. Zoey came to a new home matted and soaked with urine, and her new owners have done a lot to make her comfortable and make her smell better. But the time had come to “start over” from scratch, as in shearing the dog short and giving her a thorough shampoo. Although not well socialized in her former life, Zoey was as composed and stoic as could be, never once trying to bite.

After Zoey was groomed, I gave Joey the spa treatment. He is a great little guy, and he loves cats. Good thing, eh? Smokey and Sam both came over to cuddle with Joey.

I missed a couple from last week. Last week seems so long ago.


Zippy is a sweet fellow who visits regularly.


I see “Sugar” rarely, but I do the best I can to maintain the look her owner wants.

On Friday, I looked up from my work to see the Purolator van drive up. He delivered flowers from the owners of the two Great Pyrenees dogs that were brought here after their vehicle accident earlier last week. Then Sam claimed the box. Everyone happy!


“Shadow” is my favourite schoodle: he’s a schnauzer/poodle cross who looks like a purebred miniature schnauzer. In this picture, of course, as with most of the photos I share, he is not finished. I often forget to take good portraits.

This morning I got scratched by one of Zoey’s newly clipped nails. It was not her fault at all, but of course those are big nails, with some weight behind those large paws. My arm bled profusely, and I was going to entitle this blog post, “Don’t worry, the blood is mine.”. But in the meantime, as with most of my illnesses or injuries, I have magically healed, and this mishap turned out to be so minor that it’s hardly worth mentioning.

What I found remarkable was that my skin has become that of an “older lady” …  so thin compared to what it seemed just a few years ago. Now I remember Nana’s small hands, with the prominent veins and translucency. Oh well, I am lucky enough to grow old, and fortunate to be anything like my mom or my nana.

I am not talking very much about Swedish Death Cleaning lately. I’m not “stalled”, but have been busy with other things. I almost never simply discard anything, but between eBay and Facebook, I have managed to redistribute, “rehome” some items.

Take care, everyone.





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