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And the death cleaning continues …

This is fair warning, I will never be able to report that I’m finished, even if I’m dead. Also, I might remind everyone that I have no premonition of my demise, though inevitable; there is not “something” I’m not telling you.

Yesterday I was under-the-weather from a simple cold. I hadn’t slept well, feeling as though I was drowning, head pounding and nauseous, and then during the daytime, felt weak as could be. I congratulated myself on grooming one dear, quiet dog, taking care of boarders and our own animals, and feeding the wood fire.


Gus - Before

Gus – Before



Gus – After

I didn’t even have the strength or inspiration to sort out some items on my lap or read a book. The weather was dreadful, as it is today … monsoonish winds and cold rain. Actually today is not so windy, but the rain is relentless.

Today is a higher-energy day, but I still won’t take any prizes. At this moment, I’m dining out for breakfast at the Sandman. I had finally steeled my courage to go to a different place in town (long story, not suitable for Blog), but discovered that coffee shop was closed for the day.

Yesterday, Sebastian and Rosco went home. I apologize if Julie is reading this blog and I spelled one of the dog’s names wrong. It was good to see you looking so well, and I hope our paths cross again.


Spirit now gets the room with the couch. I was getting worried about this guest… she would lie outside in the rain, looking wary, not eating anything but the cooked ground burger I offered. More at ease in the kennel with the furniture, she has eaten some more cooked beef and tolerated some caresses from her babysitter.


It is very quiet at the kennels this week, and that’s fine for now. There are just Maggie, Spirit, and Smudge to keep the resident population company. Cinder made me laugh the morning after I moved the big white dogs indoors (it was starting to rain and they were clearly frightened). The tiny black dervish lit out of the house to the large yard that Sebastian and Rosco had been  in, yapping all the while as if to assert himself (no defence like a good offence!). Finding no giants to provoke, Cinder looked baffled, until he rediscovered the “boys” indoors, whereupon he again tried to engage them. They took little notice of the tiny terrorist, not even moving from the couch.


I feel like I have had your company at this mealtime. Thank you for reading my blog.

I’m to buy tickets to Sharon’s play so that Gary and I can attend on the weekend. I need lettuce for the guinea pig, a small infusion of favourite foods on sale too. Then I’ll go home and get back to work: dog grooming and death cleaning.



p.s.  I will update, proofread and add photos when I get home.

One thought on “And the death cleaning continues …

  1. Thank you so much for the great care you took of Sebastian and Roscoe, they look so relaxed and happy after their traumatic experience. Your kindness coming out to pick them up on Friday morning saved the day. We really had no idea what we were going to do, the situation seemed impossible. Thank you so much, words cannot express how much it meant.

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