Life and Pets

Couched in luxury ….

The new “dog couch” has been well received already! Chester, then Jazzmin and Dexter, have enjoyed several days of extra comfort.




This morning was the first time that Smokey discovered this dog run vacant. I also find the couch comfortable and share it with pets for coffee breaks or power naps.

It’s a matter of time before pets, with teeth or claws, ruin our fun and destroy this furniture; I know it from experience. Nobody will be punished. In my opinion, the comfy perch has already paid for itself. Of course, the flooring in the building is all heated, so with bedding, every pet is cozy.

We woke up this morning to a thick blanket of soggy snow. I busied myself putting plant pots away and there are other things to do around the yard. Gary worked hard clearing snow, broken branches and the like.  Many tree branches are at half-mast because the fall leaves collect the weighty white stuff.


I often delude myself about winter. There is not as much work for some of the time, but sometimes clearing snow is an onerous task (Gary does most of it). It’s not all fun and games and hibernation!

Thanksgiving weekend was a good one. We went to Zev and Sharon’s for the main event, Sunday night. They always coordinate and cook a beautiful feast whether for a few or for twenty or more, never acting harried.

Kim drove out from Calgary for a short visit, and of course that was wonderful. She had to go home Monday morning. Shelly had training and shift work most of the weekend (and dinner at Adrien’s mom’s house on Sunday), but the four of us had turkey soup last night.


I’ve been attempting to clear out “stuff” again, still. So far, I have listed items on Facebook, but I might get a better price on eBay for some things. The process is difficult for me, not photographing or listing items, but parting with them. I’m not really gaining on it, so to speak, there are simply fewer items in each storage bin, and I rarely make room on a shelf. I will keep trying.

In the meantime, I’m keeping Gary company while watching a movie.

Have a good week!

Love, Ann


Shadow, a perennial favourite

Baxter and his new bandana, with Maggie

Avalon, aka Ava, and Boomerang, aka Boomer. Lovely new customers.

Trigger, a big beautiful boy still working on manners (he likes to try to barge out the gate), and Tango, a dear old boy.


Beastie was once rather fractious and fretful, but was a real gentleman this stay.


Cinder, keeper of the Pet Hostel (with raindrops on his face).

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