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Somber Monday …

After the horrifying event in Las Vegas last night, what right do I have to carry on and feel happiness and contentment?

Life goes on for most of us. Even across the city of Las Vegas from the massacre, people are carrying on as usual and acting friendly and happy, so it is reported in the news. It does make me cry to see the images of the terrified and injured hundreds. I can’t imagine the courage or foolhardiness that it takes to hold up your cell phone to take video evidence of the attack while it happens.

Las Vegas is only a half day’s drive from Susan, Laine, and family.

In Edmonton, there has been an actual terrorist attack on a police officer. We do not know that man who was stabbed, but we know one of his fellow officers. My heart goes out to that young family, and the location is too close to home.

But at home, life does go on. I had a relatively petite Newfoundland dog to groom. The task was a work-out but I finished in just over two hours. The lovely dog, a senior spayed female, was as cooperative and gentle as ever a dog could be. Kona’s weight is beyond my “lift limit”, but she will put her front feet onto my lowered table when asked, and she waits for me to boost her other end. Then I raise the table to comfortable working height, and Kona relaxes for the spa treatment.

Kona & my face

We have a hug before we start.

Kona towel

A towel makes the dryer seem not so loud.

It was quite amusing during the long drying and brushing process. Kona was intently watching Smokey the cat, who was lounging in a laundry basket within a few feet of the grooming space. Eventually, the big dog grew sleepy and closed her eyes, and Smokey was instead finished her nap and vacated the basket. When Kona woke, her gazed fixed upon the spot where she had seen that cat (now only occupied by a white towel), and barely looked away for the next hour. When I scootched the dog around (swapped ends) on the grooming table, Kona could see that the cat was eating a few inches on the other side of her, so for the rest of her spa morning, she watched Smokey there.


Shhh, I’m watching the little grey cat!


… but I see you have a cookie now.


Kona’s owner affirms that his dog is indeed fascinated by cats, and has never hurt one.

After lunch, I clipped all toenails belonging to Woezel and Bob.  They are well-behaved  and good-natured boys who board here occasionally.


Woezel keeps an eye on the cookie.

I don’t have projects planned for this afternoon, and I’ve lost my get-up-and-go. There are so many tasks I should tackle but I don’t know where to start. I’ve put a pork roast in the oven, with garlic slivers and a port wine crabapple glaze (the jelly just today given to us by a grateful garlic customer).

Hug your loved ones. That is all.

– Ann


Gary’s project, in addition to garlic planting.


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