Life and Pets

Friday darlings …





I have had a couple of easy days. Yesterday I only groomed these two little guys. They were both so well-behaved, each in their own ways.

Turbo, aka ‘Birdie’, is a shy girl who avoids eye contact. Even so, she has never tried to bite, and endures the clipping and bathing (however gentle) with stoicism.

Cinnabar, on the other hand, seems to truly enjoy his spa day. When he arrives, he gets busy marking shrubs and such, then gets his “pampering”, and frolics about afterward like the fine and handsome doggy he is.

Today is Saturday, and I haven’t scheduled any grooming work. At the Pet Hostel, we have Woezel & Bob, Cooper, Baxter and Chester boarding.

I am planning to make bunwiches for the fundraising volunteers in town who are making pies. I politely declined to work at pie-making, but will contribute to the lunch.

This is the last of the summer Dunster Farmer’s Markets. In winter, they have a “Soup & Sandwich” market on Saturday mornings, where many congregate, just for the visiting. Though it is chilly and rainy today, I plan to go out to Dunster this morning.

I’m glad to report that there are no funerals of friends for me to attend or boycott this weekend. At least, not that I’m aware of. My heart goes out to those who have lost someone, and those in other parts of the world (Puerto Rico, Bangladesh, all over, really) who suffer.

Love, Ann

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