Life and Pets

The things we do for love … of food


Last night I sat with my feet up and peeled a great number of garlic cloves. We always have the broken heads or damaged cloves in the house, and they don’t keep as well as the poster-girl heads that we sell.

As is often my way, I didn’t want to deal with the dirtiest heads … some were damaged (by me) while being dug up, or they were what I call “anomalies” ie. mutant cloves/heads, and they were never really cleaned. You know where this is going, right? I put all of it in a large mesh bag and washed in the front loader. That rinsed virtually all of the soil away and softens the skins (papers), so that I can peel them off with a paring knife to reveal a pearly clove without redepositing any dirt.

Instead of simply throwing these beauties into the freezer as they are, I decided to roast them. I put them on parchment paper on my biggest cookie sheets and roasted until golden … about 40 minutes at 325˚. Then for ease of use later, I made them all into paste (that’s what my food chopper does to roasted garlic cloves, which are soft and sticky) and dropped the paste by spoonfuls back on to the same parchment. After freezing, the delicious lumps will peel off the paper and be stored in freezer bags for use later, in just about anything savory.

We have a tremendous amount of garlic frozen, roasted and frozen, pickled, and dried, as well as a few just stored in a basket, where it keeps for months. I might eventually dry roasting garlic and then dehydrating it.

Yesterday I hung out with Shelly for awhile. We clipped her little dog, Maya, then went for lunch. It was a very good day. Once home, Maya ran over to Shelly’s neighbours’ pond for a dip, so the dog looks a little murky. But she had fun.



I’ve had a quiet day. Really, I sat all morning preparing seed garlic for Gary to plant, ie: separating cloves of both varieties. Then I went back to roasting the cloves that I had peeled for our culinary use and made the “roast garlic paste” as I described above.

After lunch, I felt that I needed some exercise, so I stacked firewood that Gary had split, and brought some into the basement. I’m out of shape, and my back was complaining, but it was not too long a stint of manual labour. I should do this more often 😉

At the Pet Hostel, we have Duke & Timber, Baxter, and Chester … that’s all! As I’ve told you before, I don’t panic during the slower times, as I always know it will get busy again.

Hope you are all well. I don’t have anything else to report.

Love, Ann


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