Life and Pets

Keeper, Sam and Rowdy …

It has been such a good day. I had the privilege of grooming three great border collies.

Several years ago, a pretty dog was brought to the Pet Hostel after being found on the highway 35 miles outside of McBride. We could not find “Sayde’s” rightful or original owner, so we chose a new rightful owner from a waiting list of folks who saw the dog’s picture and read the story. It was a wonderful match. (The family had just reserved Rowdy.)

The new family arranged one litter of purebred pups from Sayde, and the pups also have happy stories. In fact, Keeper and Sam are her offspring. Sadly, Sayde died a year ago from a suspected stroke. These “kids” still have a wonderful life on a large ranch, and I see them from time to time for grooming. Rowdy is 7 years old, and Sayde’s pups are 6. Sayde left such a precious legacy, and I am acquainted with some of her other puppies.

As they are farm dogs, they do manage to get a few “knots” in their coat and the white parts get a bit dingy. That is part of my joy and my challenge, to deal with these grooming issues. But I could never find any three more patient dogs to groom, let alone from one family. Keeper, Sam, and Rowdy are bright, intelligent, and biddable. In fact, after I had finished with Keeper, I went into the house for a few minutes. When I came out to the shop again and opened the gate to start work on pup #2, Keeper ran out and jumped back onto the grooming table! All three youngsters know what they are here for.

I used almost every tool and product in the shop to help with preserving the thickest parts of these dogs’ coats: little scissors and bigger ones, thinning shears, coarse combs and finetoothed combs, slicker brush and furminator, collie rake and dematting tool.  I used the clippers at times, but tried not to make the tails and “pantaloons” (butts) look too moth-eaten. I used proper dog shampoo, tearless shampoo , Dawn dish soap and pumice-based hand cleaner, Cowboy Magic detangler and personal lube for tangles, ShowSheen, ear cleaner too. I clipped the 54 nails without drawing blood. Each dog had his or her “problem areas”, and that all adds to the fun. None of them fidgeted or flinched for anything, which is amazing considering that the process must have been a tad uncomfortable at times… for them. When I got sore and tired, I took some painkillers and pulled up my chair so that I could sit down to keep combing and snipping.



In the video, Rowdy wouldn’t look at me. Before I picked up the camera, he was leaning into the wind of the blow dryer looking like he felt “fabulous”!

Waiting to go home:

It was a very satisfying day, and my loyal customers are so generous with compliments. Feeds my soul.

Yesterday, I groomed Baxter after a boarding stay. I’m sure I fixed his mustache before he went home. I think I did. I must have.


Here is Sam just looking Regal.

Here’s is Gary’s breakfast this morning. Home made cheese blintzes with blueberries and whipped cream.


Love, Ann


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