Life and Pets

Goodnight, everyone …

I have left it too late to do justice to a blog post, but wanted you to know I was thinking about you.

Has been a relatively quiet day, with a few boarders to care for and quite a few apples to deal with.

I had thought there was a little break in food production, but I went to pick all of one variety of plum this morning, and noticed this:

This was the result of the weight of the apples, not of bear activity, we are sure.

So I picked the plums, then came up to the house to empty the wheel barrow in order to restore order to the Honeycrisp apple tree. The apples are tasty, but quite tart still. It didn’t seem right to leave this carnage and it only now occurred to me that the apples might have ripened in place… almost none of them were actually knocked off the branches.


I am still making crabapple juice from the Dolgo crabs. Tried to give them away in Facebook … no go on the Dolgo.


The plums from the Brookred tree are beautiful, large and sweet like Okanagan fruit (from British Columbia interior, further south). All the same, I posted them on Facebook and a friend bought them all for drying and for wine. I was relieved. In our freezers, we still have pitted plums in halves, pureéd plums, and chutney from last year.


We still have garlic: I took a lot to the Dunster Market on Saturday. The visiting is always worth the trip, but I sold ONE pound. It rained almost the whole time, so there were fewer customers for all vendors.


The Pet Hostel is heading out of its busy season. Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas are bound to be “full houses”, but I don’t mind the slower pace. Even when there are only a few boarders, I am always “on” … counting heads, planning the work, and so on, but it is easier.

Through the week and weekend, we had some more darlings whose pictures I haven’t shared with you. At least, I don’t think I have … not going to take the time to go back and review my own blog now that it’s after midnight.


Above is “Spencer”. His owner found it heart wrenching to leave him for two days, but he adjusted well, and I hope she (owner) enjoyed her wilderness hike. Dogs are not allowed on the Mount Robson trails.

An old favourite who doesn’t need to stay with us very often is Robbie. He is always loving and well behaved.

More favourites, Sadie and Nellie, stay with us quite regularly. Smokey loves Nellie.

Beautiful Athena:


Our own cats have developed a bond:



These handsome boys look forward to every meal, just as I do. Above: Patch and Gally.

This is Ajax, a bullmastiff, and Clyde, who is still under a year. Both are loving and gentle pups.





Gary has put almost the entire garden to bed. He top dressed with piles of aged manure and then tilled it all in. We are still waiting to see if the corn will mature, and there are a few broccoli heads to be harvested.


The Virginia Creeper over the kennels is starting to turn color:


Here is Cinder, watching over us in the evenings, after his tiring day of lording over the Pet Hostel, house and acreage. He’s 8 months old.


Gosh, I need to “pack it in” for the the night. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Love, Ann


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