Life and Pets

Lots of hats …

I wore several hats today, and the whole day has gone by quickly and exceedingly well.

It was a fairly early start to the day, about 6:15. I kept peeking at the clock throughout the night, but don’t know what was waking me. We have a small population boarding, just Shadow K., Shadow Z., Pepper, Jayda, Blitzen, Taffi and Hunter, and two cats, Tubbers and Seamus.

Shadow K., one of my all-time darlings, looks rather stressed in this picture. She’s an intense and earnest dog, always wanting to do the right thing. Here, she is simply waiting for a treat.


Taffi Wagner


One high point of the morning was that a cat named “Titi”, who escaped from an evacuee (from the Williams Lake fires in July), had been found and contained! Right away, I offered to keep the cat until the elderly owner could come for him. It is such a success story, though I didn’t do anything heroic.

The cat arrived in a tightly knotted pillow case. I placed the entire cat-in-sack within a secure cat run, cut the knot off and stepped out of the way. The cat, however stressed or annoyed, was slow to emerge from the pillowcase, like a chick from an egg.  Since then, the poor pet has eaten, and is acting composed enough. If only he could tell us about his life in the last few weeks.

I groomed our friends’ delightful little Havanese dog, Tucker.


People started coming to pick up garlic. Then folks started answering an ad for free vegetables from our garden. It feels good to offer extra produce to people, and also to sell the garlic.

Company came, and more company came, and it was all delightful. I made pots of coffee and chatted with anyone who would stay. Rose took me up on an offer of free vegetables and came to fetch them.

SuSanne brought her well-socialized, pleasant cat, Abu. Abu wandered through the house (at my invitation), and Cinder tried to engage the cat in play, with no luck.


It has been such a good day. I processed some more food for us. The little dog is worn out from all the excitement, and come to think of it, I’m a bit dozy too.


Love, Ann

p.s. Once again, it took a whole day to complete this post. I started the text early in the day before the day got busy, and then I was numb in the evening. So I added the photos this morning. Talk to you later!



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