Life and Pets

Well, hello, hump day …

I thought I’d better touch base with you lovely readers before the great onslaught of boarders for the weekend.

In addition to several “stayovers” from the past week or weeks, we will have extra pets on the occasion of the Robson Valley Music Festival. Last year we had 36 dogs boarding, and though that would be a small or modest number for some kennels, it is really too many for our set up. I will not do that to us again, and though a few more chainlink runs would help, there are still only so many hours in a day. There’s only so much energy for the continuous rounds of care. I am going to have to say “no” starting quite soon.

The weekend that we were in Nelson, there were 22 dogs and one very composed cat staying here. Last weekend, there were 19 dogs and the same cat. This is in addition to our own very small contingent of pets, of course: Cinder, Smokey, Sam and little old Taffy the guinea pig. This Festival weekend? I can’t even do the math myself yet … beautiful souls coming and going every day from today until Monday. Some owners are not even sure themselves what day or time that they will arrive or depart.

I am starting (after 33 years in business) to get a little stricter with my hours, to save my sanity. Our hours are still 7 am. to 9 pm., and that seems to suit most customers’ schedules. Lately, I have been trying to remember to get people to text me when they are more sure of their expected time of arrival; many folks have a cell phone and so do I. Although I’m not weird about it, I mention that we eat at 6 pm… you would be amazed at how many clients say that they will arrive “about supper time”.  Some days it’s almost comical how often the phone rings or people drive in just as we sit down to eat.

The garlic has all been dug/harvested, and the cleaning and marketing begins! The product is so healthful and beautiful … it seems so satisfying to supply garlic to people. I don’t miss my jam enterprise, nor taking spanakopita and cheesecakes to the farmer’s markets.

Even the plant/shrub and tree sales got to be too much work, though if I renovate these perennial beds, I might have some plants to sell or give away.

I worry that I’m repeating myself: I composed this blog entry early this morning and tried to save as a “draft” … but it didn’t all save.

Now I can hardly keep my eyes open and it’s only 6:30. We had crockpot goulash with egg noodles and corn on the cob. That was yummy, if I may say so.

I groomed this exceptionally gorgeous dog today. “Timber” was as sweet as can be: she is a shy and wary dog, but get this! At home, she is vacuumed by her owner, so was unafraid of my high velocity blow dryer. That made a big job more efficient. Timber was stoic for her long shampoo and rinse cycle, stellar for toenails too.

Timber is a Leonberger mix, but looks like a purebred Leonberger… to the best of my knowledge.



The rest of the day, I did some little grooming jobs (washed a couple of faces, cleaned some ears, brushed a short haired dog, and I cleaned a bit of garlic.

At one point, I dashed into McBride, taking less than an hour total. While at the hardware store, I was asked if I was building another house! That’s the rumour, but it is unfounded.



Above is a picture of Cinder, of course, now 6 months old. And there’s a photo of a bat, just because.

Hope you all have a great week and weekend! I’ll try to get back to chat with you soon.

Love, Ann



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