Life and Pets

Home …

Whether we’re away overnight or for four days, home always looks good. I was glad to have the weekend in Prince George to attend the Bob Dylan concert, and even happier to get to Nelson for Juno’s birthday celebration.

But now we are home again and there is much to do. The garden is still producing beautiful food to be put up. There is a lot of clean-up/weeding in the perennial beds needing to be done. All the usual business activities continue. I still want to downsize and declutter.

Thank goodness for Shelly. She held home and business together while there were 22 dogs and a cat boarding, as well as our own star boarders, Cinder, Taffy the guinea  pig and the cats and chickens. Shelly and Adrien harvested hundreds of heads of garlic while we were away.

I am rather hoping that nobody needs me to travel for the rest of the summer. I miss Susan and Kim a great deal, but they understand that it’s difficult to get away. Naturally, I don’t want any of my loved ones to have an emergency of any kind. So … don’t need me during August or September, okay?

I just want to be home. It’s a safer place. I don’t want to say more in my Blog.

Love, Ann


Smoky view from the Galena Bay ferry looks ethereal.

P.S.  Now that we’ve eaten and I’m in the easy chair, I’ll share that Gary counselled me as we drove about some of my perceptions of how people perceive me, my feelings of inferiority, etc.. I think he might have been a psychologist in another life!

P.S.S… Will be back soon with a few photos of our beloved Juno.


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