Life and Pets

Beautiful dreadful harvest …

It seems earlier this year, or maybe mid-July has somehow sneaked up on me and food handling always happens so-much-at-once.

Keep in mind, I’m your friend who can’t remember what the weather was yesterday, or what I had for supper, unless I really work at it. I don’t remember when things ripened last year; now so many things need dealing with at once, or soon.

On the other hand, harvest means dinners like this:
salad made from our own potatoes, onions, carrots and eggs, with local beef, and berries for dessert. My beverage this evening was one locally brewed beer dubbed, “Swamp Donkey”, which was relaxing and refreshing.

I haven’t dug out the flower beds. I’ve hardly helped in the vegetable garden. There is too much to do, and yet we are leaving home (leaving the business in Shelly’s capable hands) for two weekends in a row. We need a break but hate to go away.

Today, after tidying and washing kennels and bathing a small dog, I picked raspberries. I made lunch and picked more raspberries; we already have more than we eat in a year, and yet we don’t discard any canes. We are asking certain friends to come pick all they want. I haven’t checked with the fellow who bought berries last summer

Rocky and Spike went home after their long stay: they were joyful all the time, but overjoyed to see their family. Pepe, the evacuee dog (staying with us off and on while his people are in McBride temporarily) came back. Tank went home after a short stay. Little Maggie and little old Jack came for a few days.

It is not that busy, but it seems hectic. There are two large dogs on my boarding appointment book who simply didn’t show up today, and I didn’t have a cell number from the owners. This sort of thing frustrates me … I missed a chance to have a coffee date with my Shelly, but it’s my own fault.

Nice to talk to you this evening. There are tens of thousands of evacuees in our province due to wild fires, so I feel quite silly complaining of weariness and of a day seeming hectic. But I always know you’re out there, willing to “listen” as I whine in my blog, and for that I thank you.


~ Ann



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