Life and Pets

Another week gone …

Yesterday was particularly taxing as we had Dewy’s “Celebration of Life” to attend. It was indeed well attended; there were so many who loved him. I cried more than I usually do at funerals. We were really tired by the time we went home.

One of the brighter points of the weekend was that Kim came up from Calgary to support friends of hers who were family members and friends of Dewy. Shelly and Adrien attended the service as well, and afterward, the “young ones” had lots of catching up to do at the local pub.

Kim came by early this morning … said she was just stopping to pick up Cinder and say goodbye. lol

I was going to just have an afternoon of catching up in the kennels but NO grooming after a busy week of such work. Then I got a phone call from clients who were due back on Monday, but then just an hour away and coming to get their dog. They had arranged for me to groom the sweet old shih tzu, so I managed to get that done. I aim to please, but it also helps pay the bills, and I was glad I stepped up.


Smokey and her brother-from-another-mother, Bailey. Bailey is NOT sedated.

This afternoon I made a lemon trifle out of a lemon loaf that was getting old and was rather too brown around the edges in the first place. I cut the “crusts” off, and put slices around the bottom and sides of a pretty glass bowl, and poured lemon pie filling over top. Then I made a meringue out of the leftover egg whites.

My meringue browned too much and collapsed. It’s like sweetened styrofoam in the mouth. The trifle is delicious, in my opinion. However, I am left with this large dessert which is to my liking, but lemon pie filling or pie is not Gary’s favourite thing. Why didn’t I just freeze the cake slices and make the dessert for a future occasion? Bah


In the last few months, there seems to be too many memorials, funerals, celebrations of life. There has been plenty of sorrow in our little town and the rest of the region. Even my sister’s dog is ill, out in Alberta. Fires continue to rage all over our province (we had rain, and even new SNOW on the mountains, today).

I attended a memorial potluck dinner and story-telling on Thursday evening. The “guest of honour”, if you will, actually died in autumn of 2015, but this last week, Bill Parker’s family was visiting from the U.S.. We had his family laughing and crying, and some of them reminded us privately that Bill, the brother, uncle, great uncle, had not been well accepted where he grew up in Texas, but he had found friends and community in Dunster.

I will now add a bunch of pictures of the canine friends I cared for and/or groomed in the last few days.


This is Chief, a large black lab. He has less trouble with allergies in the summer if he is shaved. I did as requested and bathed him in an anti-itch shampoo.

I was dreading the Newfoundland that was on my book for last Tuesday. “Kona” is undoubtedly purebred, but a rather petite model of her breed. She was, like Chief, entirely composed for the spa day!



Above, Woezel, a standard poodle. Some members of his family are embarrassed if he looks like a poodle. I made a token attempt at not making him look poodle-ish.

Below is “Bob”, a young Maremma. He was scared of some of his treatment, but settled in quite well. He’s very respectful, regardless.





Snoopi & Sam


Rocky has my heart.




left to right: Monte, Charlie, Odie . New loves!


It’s wearying, being a murderous bastard. See predator Sam, above. This evening, when I went out to the kennels for something, I heard a distressed-sounding peeping and saw that there was a tiny sparrow fledgling on the lawn near the door of the greenhouse.

Picking up speed, I strode by it, intending to make sure that both cats were locked in the kennel building, and tried to decide what I could do to help the little bird. Once in the shop, I noted that Smokey was there, glanced around at my doggy guests, and hurried back outside. This took less than one minute.

Too late already! Sam went running by me with the tiny baby in his mouth. I clapped my hands and took a step toward the cat; he glared at me and broke into a run. I felt ill as I could still hear the bird, but Sam ran under my truck and into the ravine beyond it.

It’s a cruel world.

On the other hand … it’s a beautiful world at times. I’ll share two of the pics of our photogenic grandchild, Juno. She went with her parents on another grand adventure … out to Winnipeg for a folk festival (where she helped to sell the children’s clothing that her mom designs). She also met her great-grandmother, Gary’s mom, Toby.


The gardens and greenhouse are treasures.


It’s also pretty nice in our chicken yard. I have cut branches off our black currant bush, with the berries on, to “treat” the chickens. John, the rooster, is not camera shy, but his ladies are often hiding around the corner.


Pretty soon, the garlic harvest will be ready to dig, pull, hang and clean.

It’s late, again, and I’ve chattered myself out. Hope you all have a great week ahead; I hope for a week without bad news.


~ Ann

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