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This is the time of year that we start to eat from the garden. Oh, yes, we’ve had a few greens and tiny onions, but now it’s getting rather exciting.

With a large cat, a small dog, and a big hare frequenting the vegetable patch, there are a few rows that have been “thinned” more than we want them to be. Oh yes, there was that evening when several horses plundered the plot as well. Early this morning there was an unauthorized heifer in the yard, but I don’t think she made a trip through the vegetables.


Tonight, with the chicken breast in wine and mushroom sauce, we’ll have some very tiny beets, and steamed Swiss chard.  Yesterday when I was looking at rows, I thought, “What are those radishes doing there?”, and I pulled several before I realized that they were small pink beets.   Oh well, those are thinned too now.

Last night at about this time, I made a clumsy move that could have turned out SO much worse: I sloshed scalding hot chicken broth on my foot. I had taken the pot of bones and scraps and water off the stove just seconds before, while I grabbed a small colander. Instead of setting the straining setup in the sink as I usually do, I just started to pour the broth and … yikes! I really thought I was in big trouble, and the pain was unreal. After a few hours of an application of ice and then a bandage with honey on it (Gary’s suggestion), it was hardly even uncomfortable!  I felt sick and dizzy for a long time last night, but am very lucky … there is hardly a mark today and no discomfort.

My brother in law scalded his foot with tea a few months ago and did not fare well at all. He suffered long and needed home care for dressing changes and perhaps other assistance, unimaginable pain and probably scarring. Dreadful trauma. That is what went through my mind when I had the mishap last night, but I was lucky.

I keep thinking to myself, “It’s amazing how I heal!”  Over 60+ years, I’ve had a  number of mishaps, NOT more than a fair share … minor surgeries, broken ankles, broken marriage, hysterectomy for cancer, and events that do not count as mishaps but tax the body (not in MY case!) such as childbirths. And I just mend so well.

So I’m going to shut up now in case I jinx myself.

Had a beautiful day of grooming today. First on the book were two adult shih tzus who had not been groomed for quite some time.  There is a shortage of groomers in the next town over.  It is a bit of a project for folks to bring dogs from Valemount, as it’s an hour’s drive. Then they have to wait in our town, or make the whole trip twice. It’s an honour to have any customers, and I appreciate the extra effort.





A regular from McBride phoned while I was waiting for the Valemount people, and I squeezed his little dog in.

LilyPrice copy


Then I groomed this beautiful schnauzer.



Yesterday at breakfast, I told Gary that I didn’t have very much grooming to do. Oops! I had forgotten to write down an appointment, but I managed anyway.

This is Loki, a Karelian Bear Dog. They have such dense coats, with stiff guard hairs and packed undercoat. Lucky for me, Loki is very respectful while being groomed.


I babysat Skye just for the day. She is such a favourite of ours … humble and shy, gentle and obedient. She was adopted as an adult from a shelter, so who knows what Skye had been through. Now she has the most loving and competent owners possible.


Skye & Smokey

I didn’t get new pictures of Skye this visit … these are from earlier this year. Apologies to  her family: I know they are faithful readers of my Blog.

I’m probably missing some interesting reflection or news item, but it’s now very late. I had planned to get to bed early as my first customers are coming at the crack of 7 tomorrow. There is no grooming scheduled for tomorrow, but that might change. At any rate, there are dozens of other tasks begging to be done.

Love, Ann


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