Life and Pets

Early to bed, early to rise …

**************************************This post was composed yesterday, then before I posted it, I had trouble with the computer or the Internet or both. So ’twas just uploaded this morning.  ************************

I went to bed an hour earlier than usual last night, about 11:30, after snoozing in the chair for quite some time. Then, at 5:30 am, I was ready to spring up and get on with the day!

What do I do at that time of day? I made crepes for our breakfast, fed the dogs, made coffee. Now I’m back in the chair chatting with you. After Gary does his morning check on Bud, his horse, we will have ham and eggs in crepes, with hollandaise. Both of us have plenty of work planned today, so we need fuel.

Yesterday was fairly busy too.  I groomed these two border collie cross dogs, and that was about four hours of steady labour.



They were both as sweet and cooperative as can be. Almost grateful!
Then I clipped and bathed this little guy. Sprocket is a feisty rescue dog, an intact male. He squirms and fidgets especially for his nails, and I discovered that he is calmer for the dremel (filing) tool than for either nail clippers or scissors. So I was able to get Sprocket’s nails very short without injury to either of us.  After he was otherwise “done”, I coloured his tail turquoise. He was so overjoyed when his spa session was finished, and humped the cats and Cinder in turns.


Today I saw some of my favourite people with three beloved dogs. I always like to see this certain couple … but I rarely see them other than when I’m scheduled to groom or babysit the dogs. That’s okay.


The big guy, Binou, is a Portuguese Water Dog. Fanny Mae is a Yorkshire Terrier, and Daizy is a “chiweenie”, a chihuahua and dachshund cross. All are biddable and quiet to groom, and cheerful and composed while boarding. Our two cats love these three.


I had a couple of “walk-ins” after the lovely three. I did mini trims on Gamble and Kian, and toenail trims on Baby and Precious. Didn’t get new photos.

Tony the cat went home this evening. He is senior, but copes very well with his visits here. When not sleeping, he surveys the surroundings from his safe quarters.


After I finished grooming today, I tried to work on my “Dunster Dummy”. Dunster Dummies are life-sized effigies of people, sometimes random and often famous, who are posed at, “or on their way to” a renowned party in a nearby community. The party is the “Dunster Ice Cream Social”, which started the year I moved to the Robson Valley, fourty years ago.

My Dunster Dummy, if I manage to finish him, is to be Donald Trump. In keeping with that notion, my friend who owns Binou, Fanny and Daizy, presented me with this tea cozy, “just for a laugh” as she said. I have a great model to work from now … the item is from Etsy, an online shop, and is created by a home crafter. I think the crafter nailed it!


Even when I finished grooming yesterday, I had other dog-related business. Billie, a happy and energetic guest, has chewed five blankets during her stay. Why did she even HAVE five blankets, you ask? When she arrived for boarding, I had already set out a small pile of three blankets, forgetting or not knowing that she would busy herself destroying them. Then she pulled blankets from two neighbouring runs. Billie took all the blankets outside, so I was unaware of the bedding carnage until later in the day.


Last night, my blog post wouldn’t “save”, and my pictures, adjusted to be smaller in size for uploading, didn’t save in their new format, so they wouldn’t load. I had to start again this morning, and now it’s time to fix breakfast and take care of our Canada Day long weekend doggy guests.

I haven’t planned any grooming for the next two days. I need a little break, as last night I was overtired and/or overheated and felt woozy and faint. I’m in “fighting form” again today though!

I’ll have to proof-read this later!




Smokey takes a comfy space on (perhaps) Trump’s trousers. She always like to help.


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