Life and Pets

A beautiful day …

Okay, so it was sort of ordinary, but still lovely. I look forward to my “job” almost every single morning, and we had a little visit from Shelly after her night shift. Our pets and the boarders are all well.  Nothing to complain about!

As I was just about to dress at 7 am., I heard Gary call out from the porch door, “Ann? Do we have a black dog boarding?”.  In fact we DO, but I couldn’t imagine the elderly dude had escaped through a closed doggy door from inside the kennel building, over two or more 6′ chain link fences, only to report to our back steps. I went through that thought process in only a couple of seconds as I hurried through the house.

No, this was a black dog not familiar to me, but he was soaked and looked at me with such an earnest look that I had to chuckle. There was a leash handy, and I slipped that on him and led him out to a kennel outside.  I gave the friendly, handsome boy some treats and took his photo, then put it on Facebook.  Within a few minutes, we had learned of the rightful owner and “Topper” had been picked up.  Must have left home in a fright last night, as there was a thunder storm over a huge region.



Then this beautiful gal came to visit. Her owner was not certain that “Annie” would be composed while being groomed, and brought a muzzle for her, in case she got snarky. Annie was the furthest thing from snarky, and we spent the morning hanging out together on blankets on the floor. She was completely at ease with the electric clippers, toenail clipping … everything. Half the time, Annie appeared to be sleeping.


Annie yawns …

She is not too big for a Great Pyrenees, so it was easy for me to nudge her onto my lift table and into the bathtub. Annie was also stoic for the shampoo and rinse, which took some time.

Although the work appeared “choppy”, I didn’t want to make all parts of the dog as short as I needed to shear her in places, you know, to even it out. Annie’s owner seemed pleased anyway, was so surprised how white the dog is now, and acknowledged that it must have been hard work.

This is Smokey, wanting IN to the kennel where I was grooming Annie. Not every photo of a forlorn looking pet behind a wire door is of a sad, abandoned “captive”.


As I said … I love my job. All the better  when I don’t get bitten or shat on by dog or (metaphorically) by owner.

After this, I groomed a small dog that has come here occasionally. Owner lives in Calgary and isn’t shy about telling me that I charge about half what she pays in the city. When Hannah comes, then, we are both happy, as I feel I get paid enough.

Other than playing with Cinder and preparing supper, I have done almost nothing else. I will go out and do the evening rounds (we have only five boarders tonight).

Hope you had a good day too.

Love, Ann

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